Movie Updates: Fall 2020


Ashley Dang

Although the movie industry faced some setbacks due to Covid-19, we can look forward to seeing some exciting upcoming films such as Wonder Woman 1984 and Free Guy (shown above) in the near future. What more does the movie industry have to offer during this challenging time?

Samhitha Katuru, Reporter

With the arrival of COVID-19, numerous movies were unfortunately postponed due to the closing of theatres. However, the film industry cannot be pushed back forever. It is now revived through streaming services and limited theaters for safety purposes. While the film industry cannot replicate the feel of a movie theater for those who cannot go to one, the arrival of long-awaited movies on services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime is a relief for both the film industry and audiences everywhere.

Junior Kamala Sairaman states, “I was looking forward to watching Onward, but the pandemic, unfortunately, closed the theaters down. However, it was relieving to see that the movie was put on Disney Plus”. 

Moreover, some of the most anticipated and promised titles of 2020 are coming out in the next few months. Originally postponed, these films are now arriving at theaters and streaming services. Although it is uncertain whether all of these films will be available on streaming services, they are certainly something to pin hope on, especially in this dreary year.


Wonder Woman 1984

Starring world-renowned actors Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Kristen Wiig, the sequel to the hit box-office movie Wonder Woman is a mixture of retro 90s culture and superhero drama. In the film, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) fights two conflicting foes, Maxwell Lord, a wealthy businessman, and the Cheetah, an infamous villain in the DC comic series. The movie is set to be released on December 25 this year.


Free Guys

In the comedic action movie, Ryan Reynolds plays a background character called Guy in a soon-to-be offline video game. Realizing the circumstances of his situation, Guy attempts to save his game by casting himself as the hero before the developers can pull the plug on the game. The film will be released during December of this year, specific dates varying for different countries.


This bittersweet Pixar film was originally set to be released during summer but was inevitably postponed to have its first debut on the streaming service of Disney Plus during Christmas this year. The animation is about a band teacher who attempts to rediscover his passion for becoming a jazz musician. Throughout the movie, he recognizes what it means to have a soul.


The Croods: A New Age

Our favorite prehistorical family, The Croods, returns in the sequel on November 25th this year.  In the new movie, the Croods meet a more evolved family, the Bettermans. Watch as the two rival families face their differences and face new challenges! If one cannot attend a theater, the new movie is expected to be available on Netflix on December 23rd. Containing award-winning actors and actresses such as Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, and Nicholas Cage as voice-overs, the new movie will be a sight to see. 


The Witches

Starring famous actress Anne Hathaway, the remake of the original 1990s movie is sure to draw much attention. The Witches is about a little boy and his grandmother attempting to prevent a coven of witches from turning children from Britain into mice to get rid of them. This heartwarming, comedic film will be released on October 22nd on the streaming service HBO Max. Shortly afterward, it will be released in available, open theaters worldwide.



Based on the nonfiction book by Jessica Ruder, Nomadland is a film that follows a middle-aged woman after the Great Recession. After losing everything, this American woman decides to live the nomad life, choosing to embark on a journey through the West. Both eye-opening and soul-wrenching, the film is sure to leave audiences satisfied. x Nomadland will be released on December 4 of this year.

Upcoming Movies

Other long-awaited films will be released in 2021, including No time to die, Black Widow, and Dunes. The James Bond movie, Avengers film, and remake of an award-winning sci-fi novel are all, respectively, some of the most anticipated films and are predicted to break box-office records together.         

“I, myself, am pretty excited for the new Batman film coming out next year, especially since it has Robert Pattison as the actor playing him,” expresses IB sophomore Amanda Jayakody.

The year 2020 may be coming to an end, but the upcoming movies promise future enjoyment and a satisfying ending to a somber year. Be sure to check these titles out!