Renee Sang

Mr. Mack steps up as the new Leadership sponsor.

Renee Sang, Co-photo manager

After previous Leadership advisor(?) Mrs. Janill Johnson left Seminole, Leadership had to transition to a new teacher, Mr. Alexander Mack. Seminole’s Leadership is responsible for organizing important school events throughout the year including organizing pep rallies, running homecoming week, creating fundraisers that go towards class funds, and being involved in community service projects.  Without this group, the school would virtually lack the school spirit that encourages students to be involved, unified, and immersed during their high school experience. Mack has admirably taken on a big responsibility by filling this new position.

Although he was willing to take on this role when unexpectedly offered the position at the end of last year, Mack said that he was not fully aware of what to expect. “I didn’t know everything that went into Leadership.  I knew the pep rally part but [with] the community service and team bonding, it’s really kind of a family environment,” said Mack.

Other events that Mack will be directing with leadership are organizing pep rallies and teacher appreciation week, raising money for the Susan B. Coleman Breast Cancer Awareness fund, campaigning for R.I.S.E. against bullying, running homecoming week, and numerous other projects that they are involved in.  He has gotten help by contacting Johnson with questions, but a majority of his training has been received on the spot.

“It’s as tricky as I expected. I knew it was going to be crazy, [but] I kind of embraced that and prioritized and figured out what needs to be done,” said Mack.

Also known as a World History and AP European History teacher, many of his students and fellow staff can recall Mr. Mack’s high level of school spirit. He has repeatedly participated and won in the teacher dance off at the homecoming pep rally every year. Additionally, his Seminole pride is also reflected by his active participation in school events such as his involvement as the Girl’s Powder Puff football coach every year.

As the school year begins, Leadership students led by Mack can agree that they fully accept and trust him as their sponsor. Senior Nicole Saporito, Student Body President, commented on working with Mack.

“It’s been a really great experience,” said Saporito. “I think he’s doing a great job as our new sponsor and has definitely learned a lot in a very short duration of time, since he was informed at the end of last May about the new position he was going to take. Overall, he’s been a great person to work with because he’s pretty easy going, so when things go wrong he doesn’t panic.  He’s good at remaining calm, and in turn keeping everyone else calm.”

As he is tasked with heading Leadership, coaching Powder Puff, teaching history, managing other school clubs, as well as getting his Masters degree, Mack is greatly revered for his ability to still work with his students at an individual level. He has had to learn a large amount about managing the Leadership program along the way but he has not faltered in his ability to catch on quickly. Many agree that he has effectively managed to keep everyone together, while keeping the experience highly enjoyable. Students who have had Mack collectively agree that they appreciate Mack’s funny and outgoing personality.

 Jocelyn Correa, a senior in Leadership, said, “Mr. Mack isn’t an average teacher. He goes above and beyond for his students.”