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Lily Yaus

 At Seminole High School, students are all about expressing creativity through assignments, projects, clubs, and more! To showcase the work of students, on February 7th at 6-8pm, students of SHS and the PSI program will be opening the campus to incoming families of freshman students, to explore the students’ creative work and campus. 

In addition, showcasing the work of students not only benefits the school, but also gives the students a chance to display their long-term projects and artwork to new audiences. At the PSI program, student’s art is proudly displayed throughout the walls and classrooms, from posters and photographs to digital animation videos, all created in the Digital Design classes offered at PSI. These classes not only provide opportunities for growth and certification, but also help students build a strong portfolio to take with them into the real world. As a PSI student, projects are constantly being created and added to this portfolio, which can then be used to showcase their work outside of the classroom and into the professional world.

Tonight’s event will showcase the various opportunities and projects available to incoming families at SHS. This will not only give them a better understanding of what our school is about, but also provide a chance for them to see the hard work and dedication of our students. In addition to the PSI Program, other student-led projects and clubs will also be featured, giving 9th graders a glimpse into the exciting opportunities that await them at our school. We hope this event will inspire and motivate students to get involved and make the most of their time at SHS.

Maya Murphy, SHS junior states: “I came here tonight to showcase my crocheting business that I have been working on for a while now.” After working on their business, Murphy and her team set up a stand for families to appreciate and view the crocheted pieces. Murphy continues on further by saying: “I am happy to be a part of an event where I can showcase one of my favorite hobbies to do, and work with my team along the way.” 

The open house event at Seminole was a success, with many families coming to the campus. The PSI program provided various stations for families to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the program’s unique hands-on approach to learning. In addition to the program’s curriculum, PSI also showcased student artwork and highlighted the business aspects of the program. The event was filled with lively conversations and thought-provoking questions, allowing families and students to get a glimpse of what Seminole has to offer.

 Daniella Munoz, a senior at SHS, represented the XQ organization at the showcase for families. Munoz explained, “as an advisor committee member since my freshman year, I am proud to represent XQ. This organization funds PSI, which allows for hands-on learning experiences and a different approach to the learning process for students.” Munoz continued, “I am passionate about spreading information about PSI to new people and volunteering my time to give back to the community.”

This event not only allowed for students to give back to the community but also gave clubs the opportunity to showcase their hard work and positive impact on the school and community. Families and students were able to walk through the Red Apple Cafeteria and gather information about the various clubs offered at the 9th grade campus. It was a great way for incoming students to learn about the clubs and decide which ones they may be interested in joining. 

Tonight, Nole Nation served as a reminder of the importance of student leadership and its impact on the school and community. Families and students left with valuable information and a better understanding of the role student leaders play. The students of SHS are committed to representing their school while providing opportunities for new generations to thrive in! 

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