Sejal Mohan, Reporter

Over the summer, especially during quarantine, students found time to get invested in their favorite TV shows. However, the popular streaming service, Netflix, decided to cancel or announce the last season for a number of original shows, leaving many fans upset. Some of these cancellations took many by surprise since the shows have a large following and increasing popularity.


I Am Not Okay With This

A coming-of-age teen show following a high school girl with new superpowers, I Am Not Okay With This, gained attraction over the last year. The show began planning for a second season, but it was not confirmed until recently when Netflix announced that due to COVID they were not going to be able to continue with production. Fans of this show are especially disappointed since the first season’s cliffhanger won’t be explained.

The Society

The Society features a Lord of the Flies theme and along with I Am Not Okay With This, had confirmed plans for a second season. However, Netflix changed its decision due to the issues with filming with many cast members during a global pandemic. In addition to the close proximity, going forward with the next season is not feasible as the virus has increased production costs.

International Bachelorette (IB) Senior, Jody Santos, disliked Netflix’s plans for this show since she loved the “female leads” and the show’s “great representation for the LGBT+ community.” She thinks the show has “a very strong cast with a great plot [that she feels] could’ve gone on for more seasons,” especially with the intense cliffhanger at the end of the first season.

Final Seasons


Another coming of age TV show, Atypical, follows the high school life of Sam, as he figures out love and independence. Brigette Lundy-Paine, the actor for Atypical’s Casey, also boosted many teens’ interest in this show since the first season in 2017. The fourth season is unfortunately the show’s last one.

Money Heist/ La Casa de Papel

Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, is a Spanish Netflix Original telling the story of just that- a heist to rob the Royal Mint. A brilliant plan led by the Professor, accompanied by the team pulling it off, kept fans wanting on the edge of their seats. Luckily for the fans, there is going to be more of the show. Released the same year as Atypical, the show currently has four parts on Netflix. The production of part five is expected to be more exciting than the previous seasons and is set to release in 2021.


Elite is another Spanish Netflix Original involving murder mixed with class conflicts and school life with a few stars from Money Heist. The first episode came out in 2018, and now with the third season recently put on Netflix, fans are excited to see the show’s future plans. Netflix announced the beginning of the production of Season four and there is even a possibility for a  season five.

International Bachelorette (IB) Senior, Shafana Mohammad thinks Elite is “mysterious, dramatic, and full of secrets,” since it “starts cliché, but has a dark twist.” Only recently hearing about the announcement for the last season, she feels “this season would be a good place to wrap up” since the show was moving towards closure.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show is a spinoff of the Archie comics, as well as the comics’ show Riverdale, and is a coming of age story with an occult twist. As a witch, Sabrina splits her time fighting against supernatural forces and her dabbling in her romantic endeavors. The fourth and last season of the adored teen horror show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is scheduled to release by the end of 2020.

Cancellations aside, let’s hope these upcoming season finales make all their fans happy.