Jessica Ty

Staying organized and joining clubs are a few ways to improve your school year.

High school can be a frightening place. With the increase in school work, more responsibility, and ever present loom of college, students can crack under the pressure. However, there are actually many things to look forward to and enjoy out of this tough time. These 10 tips have been compiled to help ease the transition and make these next four years as amazing as they can be.

1. Make new friends. A big part of high school is learning to interact with other people and work with them. School is especially better if you have friends to count on. Always be kind to others, as you never know what somebody is going through. 

“The best way to get the most out of your school year is to surround yourself with people you love and who bring you happiness, because then school is more enjoyable and less like a chore!” said senior Stephanie Shekarchi.

2. Put yourself out there. There are remarkable opportunities in high school that you won’t have after you graduate. Try new things, since this is a great time for experiencing and learning what type of hobbies you are good at or like. Joining something that involves your future career benefits you by giving you a feel for your life after graduation.

3. Have pride in your school. This is where you’re going to spend a lot of time for four years of your life. Enjoy it while you can, since four years can go by fast. Go to games, even those of underrated sports. Support your school by showing your spirit.

4. Be involved. There’s an incredible number of sports, clubs, and programs at SHS. Find something that you love to do and stick with it. Being involved with your school looks better on your college applications, as it also gives you experiences with time management and leadership. 

5. Always try your best. Truancy is simply not an option, so why not make the most of school? Aim for high grades, set goals, and meet them. Remember it’s okay to make mistakes and fail, as long as you learn from them and move on. Not giving up is worth it in the long run. 

Senior Burgundy Walters said, “Don’t overwhelm yourself and stay organized for you! Know your mental, emotional, and physical limits when it comes to balancing school work and high school life, and definitely have someone hold you accountable for your work.”

6. Have fun. What is four years of high school without any fun? You’re only a teenager once! Be sure to have fun, but stay safe and follow the rules.

7. Keep organized. Completing tasks and keeping track of assignments is much easier if you’re organized. Use a planner and always write down your homework, due dates, and upcoming tests. Stay organized, and do work and other tasks sooner rather than later.  Don’t put it off and use your time wisely.

“A good strategy for staying on top of things for school is to use a planner, or at least write down homework and due dates,” said sophomore Mya Sheffield.

8. Plan ahead.  Picking out an outfit for the day can be a difficult choice, and it can take considerable time out of your morning. Pick out your outfits at least a night before, pack your lunch, and collect your homework the night before. If you look good, you’ll feel good, so wear something that expresses your style.

9. Keep up with your health. Sleep affects so many aspects of your life, so it is definitely important to get enough of it.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink enough water everyday too.

10. Ask questions. It’s important to understand what you’re learning in class, so make sure ask you ask as many questions as you need. If you make an effort in class, it’ll be a lot easier when you start doing homework and taking tests. If you still don’t understand or need extra help, try scheduling an appointment with your teacher or getting tutoring.