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Watch the Wednesday show on netflix now!

Romina Ariannejad, Reporter

Wednesday is the newly anticipated comedy horror on Netflix. Starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, this new show is an adaptation of the Addams family movie released in the 90s. The series showcases Wednesday’s adventures as the new student in Nevermore Academy, a spooky boarding school for outcasts and supernaturals. Throughout the current episodes, Wednesday tries to overcome surface psychic abilities and teen troubles. As all of this is occurring,  Wednesday’s goal is to solve the mystery that put her parents in a difficult situation 25 years ago and investigate the killing spree going around the town. 


The popularity of the show instantaneously rose above charts and became the number show on Netflix. Both the unique storyline and the star, Ortega herself, brought so much attention to the series. Amazing acting skills and visuals also contributed majorly to the show’s popularity. Due to the immense popularity, The Addams Family had and still has, the current series adaptation was bound to gain lots of attention. Wednesday broke Stranger Things 4’ record for the most hours that were viewed in a week with 341.2 million hours. Stranger Things 4 held the overall record with 335.01 hours viewed within the first week for some time. 


IB sophomore Sarikka Rejeth says “I like the actress Jenna Ortega and honestly watched the show because of her, however I was happy that the show had so many twists and turns. I loved that the main character Wednesday had a positive character development. She gradually became happier and open even though she had to face so many obstacles. I love how she is independent, and yet will not hesitate to ask for help when she needs it. The plot twist in the show kept me wanting to immediately watch every episode that I finished in one day. It was a good mystery show with amazing actors and effects.” 


Ortega’s presence in the show clearly instigated Rejeth’s interest in the show. To not much surprise, the only reason Rejeth chose to watch Wednesday was only when she found out Ortega was starring as Wednesday herself. Ortega alone has had so much influence on the show. But Rajeth does enjoy both the intriguing plot and storyline.


IB sophomore Ruby Feng says “I really loved the show. I was super excited to watch it because growing up I used to watch Stuck in the Middle, and when I saw Jenna Ortega was going to be Wednesday, I immediately knew it was going to be a good show. I binge watched the whole show in like a day or two. Jenna Ortega is literally the moment and I’m obsessed with how she played her. The way she didn’t blink and how she did the whole head tilt thing was amazing.”


Beverly Sanchez, a teacher at Seminole High School, talks about the Wednesday Show and gives her opinion on it. She says “I really like all the dark visual elements, like for example visually. I love her clothing styles. I also like how she doesn’t blink in the entire show. I don’t know, it also gives me Harry Potter vibes because they go to the school and also to the town on field trips. I love Tim Burton, Christina Ricci is also in the show. She is the Wednesday of my time.” 


Christina Ricci played Wednesday in The Addams Family, something interesting as she appears in the new spinoff as well. 


Following the footsteps of Christina Ricci, Jenna Ortega certainly fits the role of Wednesday Addams well. In addition to this, Ortega adds her own spin and character to Wednesday. Therefore, making the show unique, but also similar to the classic. If you haven’t already, go watch the Wednesday show on Netflix!