“Our goal is not to win every game. Our goal is to win the state championship”


Mahalla Hynes, Editor-in-Chief

Seminole fought hard and never gave up, but unfortunately, you can’t win forever. Last night the Fighting Noles met their match with Chaminade-Madonna. However head coach Eric Lodge did not seem upset by the loss after the game because he would rather lose now than lose in December, during playoffs or at the state championship. He schedules games like this for a reason. He is looking to prepare his team to play against the teams they will see later on when a loss could mean losing the state championship title.


“Our goal is not to win every game. Our goal is to win the state championship” said Lodge during the post-game talk. Although he did share encouraging words with the team after the game. He was frustrated at the mistakes the team made throughout the game, demanding they show up on Monday ready to improve their game and work hard to improve. 


The game started off extremely strong with stellar passes from Quarter Back Luke Rucker to Running Back Donta Whack. They ran the ball and De’Andre Cameron was able to score the first touchdown of the game and a 2 point conversion. The Seminoles kept on pushing and Jordan Perkins was able to recover a fumble from Chaminade-Madonna to score yet another terrific touchdowns with an extra point.


At this point in the game, excitement from the Seminole fans was palpable in the air, and with the band playing their songs, it was obvious that the Seminoles showed up in earnest to see an excellent game. With the first quarter ending with another consistent kick from Cale Tomlin and a tackle from Ja’cari Henderson, the enemy was not able to make any further gains. In the second quarter, Seminole’s defense was strong, but the Chaminade-Madonna Lions were able to score a touchdown. However, in Seminole’s next possession, they were not able to break through the Lions, and they were forced to punt. The lions were able to score another touchdown, but a failed two-point conversion maintain Seminole’s lead for only a short while with the Lions quickly scoring another touchdown. Seminole worked towards another excellent touchdown, but was unable to make it because it was determined to be out of bounds, but after this call was made the student section erupted into a chant of frustration.  


Going into half time the lions had the lead, but the performers on the field demonstrated their own excellent abilities with determination and pride. This brought up the crowds morale greatly, especially our stellar drum line leading the student section through excellent dances. 


The 3rd Quarter began with an excellent kick-off return by Demari Henderson, but Seminole was still forced to punt. Despite this, the Seminole defense prevented them from running back the punt with a beautiful tackle from Justin Rosado Jr., and Seminole continues to block the lions again and again. After a failed snap, Seminole gives a successful quick kick to the Lions, but the Seminoles come back with an interception by Lucas Fronesca. Quickly after Rucker completes a pass to Darren Lawrence for a touchdown, and Lawrence scores the two-point conversion.  Whack gets another long run on the next possession, but the possession is turned over on downs. However, the lions did not have the ball for long when Jhavon Mcintrye intercepts a pass, but the Noles were unable to score another touchdown and punted to the Lions. 

In the fourth quarter, the Lions scored another touchdown pushing them into the lead. Seminole valiantly pushed onward for the winning touchdown but was unable to score, breaking the Seminole’s winning streak. The disappointment was clear, but the Noles are determined fighters, and they can take lessons away from this game. They will come back strong next week when they battle it out against Lake Brantley.