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Rishit Nagula

With many Seminole High School (SHS) students turning 15-16 years old, opportunities for jobs begin to open up! Working at a job is more than just the money, it contributes to work hours for scholarships and sometimes even volunteer hours, and you can learn many valuable skills that will help you later in life. 

Publix: Florida is never short of Publixs, and that counts for Sanford as well! With at least 5 in the general area, Publix starts hiring as young as 14. You can be a bagger, floral clerk, and cashier. Tuition reimbursement is also available for workers who work a minimum of 10 hours a week for six months, which is perfect for students looking to go to college.

Chick-Fil-A: With one being located near the Seminole Mall and another in Lake Mary, chick-fil-a starts hiring at 16 years old! Sophomore, Kylie Pendarvis, shares her experience about currently working there: “I grew up with the people I currently work with at my CFA, so I knew as soon as I was applying for jobs that that was the CFA I wanted to work at! They upgraded the store so the environment is amazing and I love how enthusiastic everyone there is. Working hasn’t yet affected my school performance, I just now have to plan out when I need to get things done more than before. I also do Destiny after school, so I have to end up scheduling days off and making sure I don’t have work on performance and rehearsal days. Other than that, my job is very flexible and I’m able to work around my schedule a lot! You learn a lot of important skills that are super useful when working in group settings. My stress management was bad, but after I got my job and was thrown into the chaos of work, it became a lot easier for me!”

Trampoline Parks: Although there are not a lot of them around, Elevate and Alititude are close by! Altitude starts hiring at 15, while Elevate does at 16. Both have a fun environment with loads of entertainment around. Both are located in Sanford are perfect for teens since kids in similar age frequent the place.

Theaters: Movie theaters can be a fun job with benefits of free movies and discounts on food. Multiple positions like working concessions, selling tickets, and ushering auditoriums await. However, movie theaters aren’t the only type of theaters, there are also performance theaters. Sophomore, Max Donatello, talks about his past experience working at the Ritz Theater in Downtown Sanford: “I worked during the school year last year and was a spot light operator but I also did multiple things for the theater as well. It’s family owned and I was already volunteering for the theater so they just offered to pay me for my work and I didn’t end up applying. While working, it counted as volunteer hours so I already have enough for the Bright Futures scholarships. I was able to bring my homework with me and I would finish it during my breaks or downtime. I learned teamwork, quick problem solving, and improved communication skills. I would definitely recommend working either there or just in general.”

Make sure to ask family and friends for odd jobs as well! You never know if a family friend is hiring for a small job or if someone needs a babysitter for quick cash. Jobs can be a fun way to broaden your skills and social circles. Many opportunities can arise from the experience you earn, which can shape your future.

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