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Lily Yaus

Parent acknowledgement of a student’s work and school environment is crucial. PSI High (The Problem Solving Incubator) wants to make this community available to parents and other families interested in joining: Business, Design, Community-Involvement. The PSI program tries to hold parent nights frequently to show off their students’ engagement and work throughout the year, as well as giving current middle school students a glimpse of what their future lives as students may become. The Open house night took place from 5:00pm to 7:30pm on Tuesday, October 24th for all families to join. 

Behind the scenes of planning for the open house has brought a selected group of students to talk about their parts and activities that involve PSI together. The growing school hopes to allow more student’s involvement to create a sustainable and comforting environment. 

Band Member, PSI Junior, Ein Wesley talks upon her experience in participating in the PSI Open house. Wesley stationed with Main Campus Integration to tell her story of being located in the 9th grade center, and her involvement on main with Seminole’s Band Group. Wesley expresses her reasoning for attending Parent night: “I wanted to gain community hours and help out with the other fellow volunteers. Wesley, and the other volunteers began to prepare for their presentations, and it was show time. I was definitely a bit nervous during the first presentation. I was worried that I might have talked too long, but I thought everything ran smoothly. I definitely had a lot of fun participating as a student in this event, and I hope to get more involved in the future.”


The PSI student volunteers participating in the open house are selected to present given parts of the program, along with their integration with the Seminole High School Main Campus throughout their daily lives to provide insight into the schedule of a student at PSI. During the tour, families were greeted by the backdoors with student’s to guide them along the tour. As if they are participating in a museum tour with an instructor following you along each exhibit. As families are guided, presentations from each student will be spoken along with small demonstrations student’s decide to show off. The tour consists of information regarding: Digital Design, Think Tank, 3D Printing, Business Partnerships/ Law, XQ Business, PSI Evolution, and the Student Body. This is great for families that have children that attend middle school and are thinking of their future. 

Angela Daniel, Coordinator of PSI, expresses her views on Parent Night: “I think the event went really well! I was excited to give the class of 2028 an experience of what PSI is about from the eyes of some of our students. This was one of the first events since my time back that students here were able to lead a community event.” PSI specializes in prioritizing student’s and allowing them to take initiative for their school. “Students who I didn’t quite expect to come in, gave a great performance in working with other fellow teams.” Daniels, has worked on trying to bring student’s who aren’t as active into the spotlight to allow that light to reflect on to them. “Student involvement will carry over into their future and help them get past the stage of nervousness while gaining future opportunities.”

Along with the Open House, student’s were able to gain volunteer opportunities just to represent their school’s curriculum. SGA Student Body President Mercedes Newland and Vice President Avanish Putti have helped coordinate and organize the event, while helping volunteers get set up for this exciting event for the night. 


As the night came to a close, the doors of PSI filled with families and students that created a fulfilling night for Parents and student’s to consider the PSI Program.  Open House is a great touch and sight to explore options for any school, and is highly recommended to get a real visual. PSI hopes to peak the interest of driven students and appreciate their students in given ways.

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