Ava Flaute, Reporter

As we begin to take time to mourn the loss of NFL quarterback legend Dwayne Haskins, we write this article to remember his impactful life. For those that don’t know, Haskins began his football career at the University of Ohio, drafted by the Washington Redskins shortly after his graduation. He parted with them, playing three short seasons as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback before his unexpected death. 

Haskins was born in 1997 and recently passed away on April 9th. He was unexpectedly killed in South Florida in a tragic car accident. However, the impact he made throughout his life will not be forgotten.

During Haskins’ time at the University of Ohio, he was awarded the record-setting single-season passing and touchdown record with a whopping 4,000 passing yards and 50 touchdowns. He holds the school’s record for the most passing yards in a single game with a record of 470. One of the most prized recognitions he received was placing third in the Heisman Trophy competition. Placing third is absolutely outstanding, and a major deal. As you can tell, Haskins made major strides in his football career and earned some well-deserved recognition even in college.

As he graduated from college, he soon was a part of the 2019 NFL draft we’re he was pick 15 of the first round. Originally, he was chosen by the Washington Redskins where he played for two seasons. While he was there he made some major strides for their team but fell just short of their expectations of him at the end of his second season. He signed with the Steelers in 2021 but was their third string quarterback. 

SHS junior Collin May states: “I don’t watch too many sporting events; however, I am a major Washington Redskins fan. It is very sad to see that one of our past players that allowed for many opportunities for our team has passed due to an unexpected event. I totally respect Haskins and hope he rests in peace.”

Besides his football career, Haskins was a Christian who held a lot of faith within his community. He was married to his wife Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins. When he was growing up, Haskins’ nickname was Simba, inspired by the film The Lion King. This was because he had an Afro, which reminded him of the mane on the lion. He used this nickname as a major motivation behind his clothing line: Kingdom of Pride. Haskins created this company to remind people to look deep into themselves and realize you are more than what you think. He wanted to spread the message that the more you believe in yourself and be the best version of you, the more successful you can be. 

Nole Joseph Woodworth expresses, “I have looked at Haskins clothing brand a couple of times now and I think the message behind his brand is amazing and inspires many young people or other people who look up to him to be the best version of yourself. I feel the name is very symbolic to his childhood and he put a lot of time and effort into his brand.”

Haskins’ death has struck many by surprise. As Redskins fans, Steelers fans, and Haskins’ family and friends begin to mourn his loss, we pray for them through this tough patch in their life. It can be hard losing someone you have looked up to, especially someone as loved as Haskins. We hope his family and friends take some time to themselves. Rest In Peace Dwayne Haskins.