Safety at Seminole

Kruthi Munugeti, Reporter

Whether it’s going to a party or running errands at Walmart, safety has become a leading issue for all Americans. Students, specifically, have a great risk of facing danger in their everyday lives. Learning how to protect yourself or possibly a friend, could be the difference between life and death when a deadly situation may occur.  Recently, a Seminole High School student was involved in a car-jacking incident, where he fortunately found safety to prevent our other students from facing danger in the future. 


When discussing safety, administration at Seminole High School state that students should take several precautions. The most important precaution to remember is see something, say something. Any suspicious activity should be reported to an administrator or a nearby adult, regardless of the understood severity. Second, be aware of your surroundings. Noticing your surroundings, and being watchful about where you are going can keep you out of a troubling situation, regardless of the caliber.


“Generally around campus, I feel like I am safe due to the increased security force [and] reliable teachers. Overall, our campus feels protected. Although, the number of school shootings and other dangerous activities around me is scary, I feel like we are doing a great job as a campus,” said junior Emily Scoville.


The application that has been promoted statewide, P3 Campus, is very helpful in preventing emergencies around school. The P3 Campus app promotes anonymous tipping and reporting for solutions within the campus.  The app follows the guidelines of keeping everyone safe and sound, and also encourages students to become aware of their surroundings. This new technology has proven to save lives and prevent other tragedies.


“I think we should make sure that we make sure who comes in and out of the school, and closely monitor it. As technology increases, it is important for our concern for safety to increase as well,” said junior Sophia Garvin.“School shootings have become way more common than they were before, and therefore we need to increase our attention on security and safety.”


Overall, Seminole High School’s students need to become more aware about their surroundings, and recognize that keeping themselves safe is a skill that can help them throughout their whole life. For any questions about safety on campus, send a message to @seminolenewspaper. Stay safe everyone!