Izabella Aquino

One of the events during senior week was Field day. Here we have some seniors showing off their painted white senior field day shirts!

Ava Flaute, Reporter

As the 2021-2022 school year is coming to an end, Seminole High School (SHS) has found a unique way to celebrate the graduating class this year. The leadership team has hosted a senior week for the week of April 4th-April 8th. This is a week for seniors to dress up and have all kinds of different activities for each day throughout the week and make a grand finale with prom. 

Starting the weekend prior to senior week, seniors had the opportunity to attend Grad Bash on Saturday, April 2nd. They spent the entire Saturday night at Universal and had the parks all to themselves. They were able to bond with their peers and even meet new friends from other high schools in Florida. This is a highly idolized part of being a senior at Seminole High School!

The school week began with kindergarten day where seniors dressed up in pigtails, glasses, suspenders, and other fun ways to throwback seniors to when they were in kindergarten. They celebrated by having fun games in the health academy courtyard where there was hopscotch, chalk, and hula hoops. It was a fun way to see how seniors portray kindergarteners and experience a flashback to the beginning of their school years. 

Tuesday was an especially fun day for our seniors here on campus. The theme on Tuesday was career day where fellow Noles dressed up as the career they are planning to pursue after college. We saw many nurses, businessmen, athletes, and other professionals all throughout the campus. They were dismissed from their 5th to 7th period classes to attend Senior Field Day. Here seniors had a fun-filled day of water balloon fights, dyeing their senior field day t-shirts, and hanging out with their peers. SHS staff and senior team also had local food trucks available to our seniors.

SHS senior Cadence Lynn expresses, “field day was definitely my favorite activity. I loved spending time with my friends and the whole senior class as a whole while we got to decorate some fun t-shirts. The food trucks were another added bonus.”

Wednesday came around and gave the entire student body a laugh as senior students followed the theme of senior citizens. Fast-forward to the future, seniors dressed up with walkers, canes, wigs, suspenders, or however they viewed senior citizens. In the morning, senior students attend their senior breakfast as well as an informational meeting during 1st and 2nd period, discussing important information such as plans before graduation, testing week, and how graduation itself will work. During 3rd and 4th periods, our seniors attended the Golden Noles ceremony where senior superlatives were awarded to the deserving candidates.

Another senior Nole Katy Smith shares, “I enjoyed attending the golden noles ceremony. It was super fun to see which of my classmates were awarded what superlative, and I can say each one was pretty accurate.”

On Thursday, our lovely seniors had the opportunity to decorate a senior crown for royalty day. This is a big tradition amongst many schools throughout the U.S. and it’s awesome to see that SHS has decided to take part. You could display anything school-appropriate on your crown that showed your senior royalty. This day fell perfectly into place when prom queen and king nominations began. Lastly, on Friday seniors participated in college decision day. They wore any college gear to show off the college they will be attending next year. 

We saw so many amazing schools and are extremely proud of our seniors. We know each of our senior Noles will go on to have a successful future wherever it may lead them. Go Noles!