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Mary-Kate Pruitt
SHS Archery Club is holding tryouts this year on October 19th and 23rd

You’ve probably heard all about the popular programs and sports teams that Seminole High School (SHS) has to offer. From our various football teams to volleyball as well as performing arts such as band, orchestra, drama and musical theater, SHS has a wide variety of extracurriculars for students to pick and choose from. While each of the examples mentioned above are incredible programs, there is one sports club in particular that not a lot of students know about. 


On Thursday, October 19th and Monday, October 23rd, the Seminole High School Archery Club hosted its yearly tryouts for those who are looking to earn a spot on this year’s team. 


Back at the initial interest meeting, students were introduced to members of the club and were told what it means to be part of the team. These newly intrigued students were then put to the test, while most of the candidates who have never shot before were officially taught the basic principles of using a professional bow. 


“I really like it,” says Jules Kesselring, a freshman Health Academy student at SHS who is brand new to archery. “My mother did archery, and I think that mostly inspired me. I like all the coaches, I like all the people, it seems really fun, and I’d like to do this.” 


Despite it being recognized as a “club,” archery at SHS has always been taken just as seriously as a regular sports program. Starting in January, the team will participate in various competitions against other schools and their teams. While some meets are organized for practice purposes, they will all eventually take part in a district competition that will then move on to states and nationals by the end of the season, which usually takes place around April or early May. There have been no official dates for the competitions set in stone at this time; however, team tryouts always take place at the beginning of the school year so that our archers have months in advance to hone and improve their skills before the season begins. 


“Just from one day of our tryouts, from the beginning of our two hours together to the end, there was progress already being made,” explains Coach Charlie Higgins, who has been the club’s coach for four years and has been practicing archery for around 25 years. “They’ve changed some of the rules for their tournaments this year, but I would like to have more of our kids place nationally than we ever have before.” 


Being part of the archery team means being dedicated to the sport and showing up to every practice with a desire to learn and grow; however, there’s a lot more to it than just being able to hit the bullseye. To be on the team, you don’t have to be the best archer on the field, and you don’t have to have any prior experience. Most of all, the team values its members’ enjoyment in the club over having mastered the most skills.


“My goal for the team this year is for people to love the sport, make new friends, and have fun,” explains SHS Junior Kimo Dixon, who was chosen to be one of this year’s team captains after making the team last year. “In my experience, the best part about archery is [discovering your] love [for] the sport, [meeting] new people, and making new relationships. [I want] to be a good teacher/mentor and [be] someone to look up to and show guidance, [like] if they need help with archery, or if they have any personal issues going on.” 


“It has been a joy [working with archery kids],” Coach Higgins reflects. “I have met just incredible students who are wonderful, they take instruction well. Of course, we always have a few that are discipline challenges, but I have come to love these kids tremendously.” 


As the team begins training and competing, we at SHS will be rooting for them and can not wait for all the amazing achievements they will accomplish. 


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