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Abra Stalker
Seminole’s student section at the Seminole vs. Deland Game

Football games are a large part of many high schools. They’re one of the most-attended sports for students, and they strike large amounts of excitement across all campuses. Every high school has a football team, and every high school has many little events to celebrate their team, from pep rallies to fundraisers. Seminole High School’s (SHS) spirit for their team is elevated, and you can find students all across our campus cheering them on and expressing their support for both home and away games. 


SHS takes their school spirit seriously, there’s no doubt. However, the real question is, when it comes to football games, why do students really attend them? Is it out of interest for the game itself… or is it because of the way football games, in high school, have become the prime socializing and partying opportunity?


SHS junior Jayna Rivas says: “I am, personally, not a huge fan. In all honesty, a lot of people find them really cool, but I just don’t see the appeal. I’ve been to a few before– alone– and it’s only fun if you have someone to go with. Especially when you have no idea what the game is actually about, what the rules are, or whatever might be happening. If you have friends, yeah, you should go, but it’s just boring otherwise.” 


Every game is different. Ranging from homecoming games to rival vs rival games, a lot of them have a little something special. Even so, Rivas, while she expresses great support for our team, finds the game itself tedious rather than a time for partying and excitement. 


On the other hand, SHS senior Tamirah Rosetta communicates a different point of view. “I’ve been to plenty of games, with and without friends. I enjoy the basketball games more, but the football games have their own little personality. I love going, and if I haven’t got my friends with me, I still think it’s great to bring my siblings or family along. The games are great. Everyone should be going to them.” 


Despite this, some students still consider the football game festivities to be overdone and overhyped. “You see people running around in the most… interesting outfits on game days. The important ones at least,” says an anonymous SHS senior. “I’m not one to judge, of course, you do you. I just think it’s a little funny when the games are just alright.” 


The normal games, understandably, don’t seem to create as much of a hype when it comes to games like the homecoming game or other special types. “Homecoming games are different,” the anonymous senior considers, “I mean, there’s a whole week of festivities that go into it. Everyone is excited for them, and they’re always full of a lot of people. That game really goes crazy with all the excitement.” 


Rivas agrees with this sentiment. “I may not be big on sports, but the homecoming game can actually be fun since everyone is running off the high of strongly wanting to bring home a win.” 


Even with contradicting opinions, it is among the Friday night lights that a football game garners a sense of closeness that we as a school don’t normally feel. There’s a collective hush that falls over the stadium when the players line up, face to face. The coin is tossed, a whistle is blown, and the players take off. Fans paint their faces and bodies in team colors, the ultimate show of strength in favor of SHS’ football team. Our sports teams bring us together, and they are the glue that binds SHS’ school spirit. For that, we continue to cheer them on, encouraging them and pushing for win upon win. Go ‘Noles, and bring back another victory to show for our camaraderie!

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