Renee Sang

The Seminole High swim team hopes to make a splash with many of the swimmers’ accomplishments at Saturday's meet.

Sameeha Rashid and Zoya Wazir

Being in any sport requires serious commitment, and swimming is no exception. The Seminole High School swim team undergoes rigorous training in preparation for their meets, including having practices for at least two hours every day, eating a balanced diet, and enhancing their technique through multiple workouts.

Preparation differs from swimmer to swimmer; each person has to practice their individual strokes that they will be swimming at the meet. These could range from free fly, back breaststroke, or front breaststroke. The events that they have to participate in are listed online on the heat sheet.

JV sophomore Emily Ma says, “To prepare for swim meets, I make sure that my muscles are warmed up so [that] they don’t freeze up. I also make sure to have lots of healthy sugar from fruits in my system.”

Swimmers use caution in the activities they partake in outside of school in order to have the best results at meets. For example, it is important for them to eat plenty of carbs, stay hydrated, and get ample amounts of sleep the night before a meet.

One of Seminole’s oldest traditions is to have shaving parties, which are get-togethers that swimmers attend to help each other shave. These usually occur a day before each conference meet, which is another aspect of their preparation because it aids in increasing their speed in the water.

Varsity freshman Risini Perera says, “I would recommend swim to anyone who is willing to work hard and break their limits. [Swim] is a hard sport, but it brings people together and makes everyone a bit happier and healthier.”

“The harder you work, the more opportunities there are for you. That goes for anything, but especially swim,” adds Steven Lommerse, a sophomore on Varsity.

All in all, being a swimmer is a job that requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and physical exertion. The Seminole High School swim team has been preparing extensively for their meet on Saturday, October 31, and are hoping to perform to their best ability.