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Rishit Nagula
Go get your cleats and go towards Moore Station Road Fields (Girls soccer) or Sylvan Lake Park (Boys soccer) to try out!

The winter season for Seminole High School’s (SHS) sports is coming up, and students are getting ready to begin their soccer games! With the temperature getting cooler, soccer tryouts are approaching for both boys and girls. It is important for students to properly prepare for the soccer season to continue excelling with our sports here at Seminole.


Boys soccer tryouts are from October 16th through the 19th, while girls soccer tryouts are from the 16th to the 18th. In order to be able to try out, it is required for students to get cleared to play by signing clearance forms. Signing these forms shows that students are in the proper physical condition to be able to play. At the moment, there are no current games scheduled on the SHS athletics website but this will change once soccer tryouts are finished and practices start.


Someone who wished to remain anonymous gave their thoughts on the team: “I’ve been on the soccer team for a year now, and I absolutely love it. Seminole does great with the practices, training, and the coaches. It’s such a welcoming team!”


Soccer has influenced people of all ages for decades. It’s not simple, either, since it plays a large role in teaching coordination, agility, and teamwork — and these skills are significant for brain development. One of the key parts of it is making friends and building the team. It’s a fun way to expand your social life while also collaborating to find ways your team can improve itself. Additionally, soccer builds major life skills which are significant for the real world. Many jobs set certain expectations regarding communication, decision-making, good sportsmanship, cooperation, and problem-solving. More benefits of soccer are the physical advantages it provides. Since it keeps you active, it gives you a boost to your physical health. More specifically, it enhances your cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance. Another key advantage of soccer is simply the joy it brings. Whether someone wants to play competitively or just for fun, it’s something that allows the mind to have a break from stress, hence, increasing serotonin levels. Not to mention, soccer can be played almost anywhere seeing as it doesn’t require much equipment aside from a ball and two goals.     


Soccer can be played from a young age, as well. Kids can begin practicing at as early as three years old according to “Open Goaaal”, a sports blog. Starting that early teaches children balance and coordination by the age of five, keeping them a step ahead so that they can excel as they get older. 


Many students at SHS enjoy the sport, including junior Paige Teixeira. She says: “I have enjoyed playing soccer since I was seven, and it has been such an influential part of my life. Whenever I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, soccer is always my go-to thing that helps relax me. A lot of people don’t understand its benefits, but they’re definitely helpful. You have to use both your brain and your body which challenges you and really makes you think. You also get to make friends who share the same interest as you, and that’s just another plus. I know sports aren’t for everyone, but soccer has really helped me to grow and improve myself. I think it’s great that Seminole offers students the opportunity to play it so that more kids can enjoy it just like me.”


Soccer, like any other sport, certainly keeps you moving. With its activeness comes important life skills learned, new friends made, and a new source of glee. Its benefits are nothing short of influential, making it another great program of Seminole High School. Since some students may learn better through physical activities rather than through classroom lessons, students have the perfect opportunity to expand their learning and have some fun!

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