Student Schedule Changes


Gwyneth Katker

Students are continuing to get schedule changes due to class sizes still being crowded.

Over the past few weeks, many students have been experiencing schedule changes. Although this might seem purely inconvenient for the students, many of the changes are actually meant to help the teachers balance their classes. For many, it has been a confusing experience, switching classes five weeks into the school year, especially for our incoming sophomores who still might not be used to the buildings or classes. Not only does this cause problems in terms of inconvenience, but it also results in students falling behind in their new classes with new teachers. 

With the random schedule changes for students, teachers have been heavily affected since they have to compensate for the changes in their classes. They are limited to the amount of work they can put out, which may lead to a struggle with pacing in their classes for the rest of the year. These changes may also affect the grading in classes at the beginning of the school year, with new students moving in and out. Teachers may need to rework how they grade their students work, along with how much work they need to distribute to make a grade.

“I don’t have a problem with balancing, but for the students, it may be difficult moving in the beginning, especially not knowing where their classes are or getting used to the buildings. In the long run it may be easier to have smaller classes than to have larger classes, especially for the students who may not be able to focus as well with larger and louder classes.” said Dr. Peter Satto.

Especially with larger numbers of students in the classes, teachers may need to halt their teaching or slow it down as students struggle to catch up, especially with other classes being at different places. 

These changes may also affect students greatly as they are having to switch classes after getting used to their original ones. Although the student might have changed into the same class with the same teacher, it might still be a major inconvenience since they are used to their classes. The changes in schedules may also result in students’ hard work going to waste, especially with test grades and homework.

“I feel very angry about the schedule changes because it is unfair that administration can go into peoples schedules and change them without their permission. I originally had lunch with all of my friends and a good math class but then they changed my schedule and it was a major inconvenience that they couldn’t put it back,” said junior Kaitlyn Huff.

This change affected Huff greatly, after getting used to her previous classes. These changes have caused stress for her, trying to transfer the grades from class to class and switching teachers.

With many students dealing with random schedule changes, this has lead to confusion, but in the long run it will all be worth it. The classes will be more balanced, students will have an easier time learning in classes, and teachers will have more equal classes in regards to number of students.