Rachel Lanspery

In Florida storms are a very common occurrence. It is even more common in the late summer months. In Florida it can rain up to 3 times a day at this time.

Isabel Gomez, Reporter

All around the world thousands of people suffer the aftermath of hurricanes. Many are ill- prepared for the upcoming storms. Therefore, people must become more educated on how to prepare themselves for the storm. By understanding what you need and what is necessary compared to a luxury, you can be better prepared for hurricanes yet to come. Here in Florida, we experience hurricanes annually, so we need to better understand what exactly we truly need.

         One basic necessity that every person should have is a plethora of water and food! Water is vital to taking care of your body so  making sure you have water on hand is a sure way to stay prepared. It is standard to store at least 1 gallon of water per person per day, you preferably want a 3-day supply. Food is also important because you need energy especially dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes. Storing a 3-day supply of non-perishable foods is best, in that 3-day supply includes foods like canned juices, vitamins, comfort foods, and even ready-to-eat canned meats or fruits. In addition to food and water, a standardized first aid kit will come in handy. By having a first aid kit you are ready for any possible accidents that may occur during the hurricane. It is not as though you can travel to the hospital easily during a hurricane. The first aid kit should have bandages of various sizes, gauze, sterile dressing, germicidal hand wipes, adhesive tape, cold pack, scissors, tweezers, and a CPR breathing barrier. It also helps to have medications like Aspirin or Antacids on hand. Sanitation and clothing are also subjects to prepare for ahead of time. Stocking up on hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, and soap are all objects’ people use when stuck at home as we all experienced during quarantine. As for clothing, having rain gear, sturdy shoes, hats and gloves, and thermal underwear are ways to protect yourself from the rough weather of a hurricane. You never know what dangers may occur, so by having clothing, you are prepared at the very least.. As you progress further in your pre-storm preparations, you want to make sure you have tools and supplies just in case of emergencies. Tools like flashlights, extra batteries, battery-operated radios, and lighters can all come in handy if the power goes out. Also, a fire extinguisher, tape, tube tent, and signal flares are all essential tools in case of crisis. However, a very smart precaution to take is to make a list of local shelters just in case things get too dangerous. As much as the emergency items are vital to being prepared, so is a little entertainment. You never know if your power will last or if our electronics can entertain us, so it is best to have board games or other games without electricity or batteries. Even a good book will make a difference between being scared or bored to making the most out of a difficult situation. Who knows you may enjoy the time spent away from your electronics and feel refreshed. Finally, anytime you are preparing for a storm, always check your important documents. It is best to place important documents like a marriage certificate, a birth certificate, social security cards, deeds, stocks, passports, bank account numbers, and credit card account numbers all in a waterproof container. Also, inventory all your household goods and important telephone numbers. By backing up all important documents you save yourself a serious headache.

         As you can tell, preparing for a storm is no easy task and takes time and effort. However, that effort and time will be put to good use as it will save you from any possible future disasters. Storms are very unpredictable so be smart and be safe, always be prepared for the unexpected. By doing this you’re not only keeping yourself safe but your loved ones. Stay safe and stay smart!

Source: ​​​Hurricane Safety Checklists