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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie poster
Katelyn Van
Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie poster

Taylor Swift has been a significant figure in the music industry since the early 2000’s, with her albums each ranging in different genres. She has had a positive impact as a celebrity, constantly interacting with fans and staying consistent with her music. Swift has been gaining more attention over the last year after her “Midnights” album was released and Era’s Tour began. On August 31st, it was announced that Swift would be releasing a movie surrounding the tour that is to be in theaters on October 13th. Fans are ecstatic about this; it will be the first time a movie in theaters will be similar to an actual concert. The film has already broken a record, and it’s not even out yet! Millions of people are eager to see what this movie will have in store.


Swift has been an influence in music since 2006, and since then, she has released ten albums. These albums have various genres, as some are country-style (“Taylor Swift”, “Fearless” and “Speak Now”), while others are more pop-based (“Red”, “Midnights” and “1989”). She also has alternative albums, such as “Folklore” and “Evermore”. The Era’s Tour is based around Swift’s different eras, which are divided by her albums. This tour began on March 17th 2023, and has played a big role in growing her fanbase. Fans suspected a possible film about this tour since Swift has already had two different documentaries made about her music. They also suspected a film being made due to camera crews being spotted at several different shows. 


People are unsure on what to expect for this movie. It is known that it will feature Swift’s performances from the Era’s Tour, but there is not any other information that shows fans what to expect. Even so, AMC theaters set a record for having the highest ticket sales revenues after the film was announced. Within minutes of the movie’s declaration, theaters playing the film were at capacity. The decision to make this film is just one of the many things Swift has done that has allowed her career and popularity to soar. 


Junior Orion Gaines shares his excitement: “I’m thrilled about this film! One prediction that I have for the movie is that it will give a backstory to why the tour started before leading into clips behind the scenes of the shows. I plan on seeing it when it comes out. I think it’s mostly for fans. However, I can definitely see the film expanding her already growing fanbase.”


Another fan, junior Katelin Manalo, gives her opinion: “I’m really excited about this movie. I love her music and I know that the film won’t be anything short of amazing. When it comes to putting on a show, she’s really creative. The visuals, the storytelling, and just the entire presentation she gives altogether are truly impressive, so if she directed the movie, I just know it’ll be phenomenal. I can’t understand how so many people hate on her since she’s always so consistent with her work. I feel like it’s only because of how popular she’s gotten in the span of a year, even though she was already popular before. Anyhow, I know that this will be a great movie and I’m definitely ready to see it.”


With Swift’s fan base growing very swiftly, people all around the globe are excited to see what exactly the Era’s Tour film will be like after its release. Its record-breaking impact is only one of the few notable things Swift has done throughout her career, and it will certainly be something for swifties to remember. 

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