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Gentry Craft
Freshman students adjust to their new life at Seminole High School.

With around three months of the 2023-2024 school year under our belts, Seminole High School (SHS) students from each grade level are currently learning to adjust to their new titles. Freshmen have left the 9th Grade Center, sophomores have become juniors, and the soon-to-be graduating class of 2024 are learning to make the most out of their final year at SHS. 

In addition to those who are returning to campus, this year we welcomed the graduating class of 2027, AKA our new freshmen students, to begin the first chapter of their high school lives.

As most of us can agree, high school often plays a huge role in an adolescent’s life. It challenges us in ways we never expect, brings people together, and creates memories that may last someone a lifetime. Naturally, however, one of the very first obstacles that a lot of us had to hurdle over at the beginning was the big transition from middle school to high school. Everything about the environment, the students, the workload, it’s all part of what really distinguishes 9th grade from 8th grade—but the difference can also cause the adjustment to be especially pressurizing or intimidating. 

“Generally, my middle school was a semi-private school,” describes Jules Kesselring, who is currently a freshman student at SHS. “It was very formal, quiet, and small, so jumping from probably 200 kids to over a thousand was quite stressful [at first], but I adjusted quickly.”

At SHS, freshmen students and all of their classes are gathered in one separate area— the Seminole 9th Grade Center— to accommodate for the large number of new students that register for high school every year. In a way, the 9th Grade Center really allows freshmen students the chance to adjust without the extra pressure of a large campus, or a much larger student body. 

“At first, I was worried about the unknown of it all,” says SHS freshman Raven Isom. “I experienced some stress and some anxiety, but I quickly became very comfortable and the transition was easy for me. Now, I feel [positive] very often.” 

Of course, there are many surrounding high schools within the area of Seminole County. When asked about the thought process that went into choosing SHS as her high school, Isom explains that her decision was very carefully thought out. 

“I took a lot of things into consideration,” she states. “Not only academically related, however. The academic opportunities, such as extracurriculars and vast options for classes made me choose Seminole. When you compare Seminole to other local high schools, Seminole seems like the best fit for me.” 

Freshman students are often faced with new and exciting experiences when it comes to high school; for a lot of them, a huge part of that is the variety of extracurriculars and school events that they now have the privilege of attending.

“Coming from a small elementary and middle school, going to [the] football games and homecoming was definitely a great experience,” expresses SHS freshman Corinne Frisch. “We never had any school spirit type events at my old school, so going to these events for the first time made me feel like I really was part of a real [high] school. With all the school spirit and with way more excitement in the crowds, it definitely makes the events more enjoyable than anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Diving into a new school life is certainly not easy, but this year’s new batch of freshman students are eager and up for the challenge. As they continue to grow and learn from their choices and surroundings, we’ll continue to support and wish them luck on the road ahead! 

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