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Peony Katira
As winter approaches, the weather begins to cool down

When people think of Florida, they tend to imagine sweltering heat and humidity, warm beaches with sand between their toes, and perfectly enjoyable ocean waters that one can spend their day splashing in without getting too cold. We, as the Sunshine State, most definitely live up to our name when it comes to the temperature. However, as we approach the last few months of 2023, we also approach the winter season! 


“I’ve always been a big fan of the hot weather,” says an anonymous Seminole High School (SHS) sophomore. “Especially when the temperature starts to rise. I love everything about the summer — going to beaches when it gets a little too hot… having ice cream with my friends and family to beat that heat. Even just laying out in the sun or going to a park. It’s all great. But when it starts to get below, say, 50 degrees, I’m busting out the puffer jacket and sweaters, just to keep some of that warmth around. Me, personally, I’d keep summer year-round if I could.” 


Just last week, Florida saw a cold front where temperatures dropped to around 50 degrees fahrenheit. Sure enough, many of the students on the SHS campus could be seen wearing jackets and sweaters rather than their usual t-shirts and shorts. Florida’s usual temperatures are normally between the high 70’s to mid 90’s, which makes the drop to the low 50’s a little less than enjoyable. 


“I prefer summer all the way,” comments Mia Annelise White, an SHS senior. “I hate the cold. The only good thing about the winter is that you get to wear sweaters, but even then, that’s not all that great since sweaters are so expensive, and I don’t have a whole bunch. The best weather in my opinion– and I’m very particular about this — is in the mid-70’s, with a slight bit of wind, and a sunshower. When it gets to the 60’s, that’s too cold.” 


Unsurprisingly, since the heat is around almost all year, the winter weather seems to throw individuals off due to the fact that they are far more accustomed to the heat. “It makes my bones hurt,” White admits. “And I agree with [anonymous sophomore]. I’d keep the heat through all twelve months if it were possible.” 


However, there is a group of individuals who prefer the colder weather, the sweaters and early nights to the long days and sweltering heat. Agreeably, the winter season can be quite enjoyable when met with the right amount of warm clothing and even warmer hearts. 


“I love the winter,” says SHS senior Kelani Taitano. “Since we live in Florida, I get tired of all the heat and humidity in the air. It always messes with my hair, and you can’t ever walk outside without feeling disgusting. Plus, I feel like the winter style is so much cuter and comfortable, and obviously, I can’t wear winter clothes when it’s hitting up to 90 degrees every afternoon. I am super excited for the cold fronts to start hitting us, and I can’t wait for it to happen. Even if it only lasts a few does, I always make the most out of it.” 


As winter quickly approaches, SHS students hold varying sentiments for the cold weather it will bring with it. While we are used to the heat bearing down on us, which may lead to fun times out in the sun, the days spent inside within the comfortable heating of your home with family and friends can be just as fun. Of course, the winter months have their own downsides — the frosty weather and being stuck inside. Nevertheless, winter is upon us, and it’s just about time for sweater weather!

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