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The University of Florida hosts a diverse and highly competitive student body, with students from all around the world coherering for admission. Its rigorous academic programs, top-notch faculty, and opportunities for research and internships make it a highly sought-after institution. However, with high competition comes the challenge of getting accepted, making it a crucial day for students who have spent their high school years preparing for this moment. 


The school’s competitive graduate programs: “Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, Warrington College of Business, Levin College of Law, and College of Medicine,” offer  internships and mentors including digitally through its online undergraduate and graduate program for student’s designed to provide flexibility and designed to be competitive. The competition rises every year as more and more students apply to the university with its top ranked offerings to student’s interested in Sports, Agriculture, Journalism, and Academics. With the national ranking’s growing in the school, acceptance continues to grow lower and lower. This is a worry for many student’s.


 Anonymous student, here at SHS Senior states: “Well from what I’m told by other guidance counselors and representatives from the school, the admissions team solely focuses on the personal essays. Personal essays show a student’s story to share on something memorable or tragic that has shaped who they are today.” The student continues: “This could be good or bad depending on the person but I hope that it gives me a better shot because I loved my essay and felt that it embodied me as a person in writing, something I know that is wanted. I understand that it takes a long time, I am terrified because of the waiting and definite unsureness.”


Another anonymous student states: “I feel the competition is big this year for this school. I felt I have put my very best into showing my achievements and academics. I am nervous for decision day because I feel I could’ve added more during my application process.” Applications begin in early August, so students who gain recognition or do new things may not be overlooked. “Despite feeling nervous, I feel I have done my best and hope to attend, and I wish luck to my fellow students.”


Academics are taken very seriously at the University of Florida, including non academic contributions within the community. In general, students at the university have high GPAs (Grade Point Averages), SAT scores of 1350-1490, and ACT scores of 30-34 (American College Test). While these standards are high, admissions consider the whole application. School competition affects who is admitted to the university. Applicants who do not meet the fitted standard are still considered to be eligible for acceptance. In this way, students can be assessed based on their educational background and qualifications and how they have contributed to the school and community. 

Tomorrow at 6:00pm, student’s all around Florida check the updated admissions status for application status change. An email days in advance has notified student’s about this outcome. In acceptance to this the university has also encouraged students to thoroughly ensure once they are admitted to check the term such as fall, spring, and summer, and honors, promise to when admissions began for programs, pathway to campus enrollment, and partnership programs requirements following along. If rejected, the university has supplied a link to their admissions website for confirmation. This is an exciting day for many seniors! We hope the best for every applicant from Seminole High School to see where they go.

This is a big deal, and is something to be proud of! We understand if granted, the school support and yourself will bring great good to the community and education for years to come. 

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