The Seminole County Library North Branch is a great place to volunteer!

Ariyen Jimenez

The Seminole County Library North Branch is a great place to volunteer!

Sahib Talwar, Reporter

As highschool students and young adults, it is our responsibility to serve our community. Before graduating, highschool students interested in going to college or certain scholarships, need to complete a minimum of usually 100 community service hours if they want to go to college. Thankfully, there are clubs at Seminole High School (SHS) campus that offer opportunities for students to volunteer locally in the Seminole area.


Interact Club

Interact club is a student-led organization, sponsored by SHS math teacher Kristen Springfield. Interact meets every other Tuesday in Tribe 207 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., starting August 23rd. Dues are $20 per member, which includes the t-shirt fees. It is an after school club that primarily focuses on helping others in need. 

Springfield expresses: “Interact Club is an international service organization sponsored by Rotary. We have a plethora of opportunities to earn community service hours for the 100 hours needed for Bright Futures or for scholarships.”

The motto for Interact is ‘Service Above Self’. Last year, Interact members did a great number of  projects, living up to the mentioned motto. Some of their most notable projects included “Chalk the Walk”, supporting Rotary with their Park-on-Park butterfly garden in Sanford, and participating in the SHS Homecoming Parade with a club-built float, ‘Roast the Rams!’. 


Seminole County Public Library (North Branch)

Libraries in our community often have opportunities for students to volunteer. Seminole County libraries, such as the one listed above, have programs where teenagers can help out around the year to earn volunteer hours. 

A local librarian says, “Programs and activities vary along the year; during the summer we provide programs like art and craft projects for the younger children, and teens volunteer to help guide the activity. Another activity children at the library participate in is “pulling books”, which is a game where they find a list of books around the library and bring them back.”


Key Club

Key Club is one of the oldest student-led organizations for highschool students, and is an active organization around the world, with over 30 countries participating.The Key Club is a club where students will find a lot of volunteering opportunities, while helping bring the community together. It also develops its members for the future, providing different leadership roles. Considering the club’s old history, membership also looks great on college applications!


Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science center is all about interacting with kids and making science fun. 

According to OSC, “Orlando Science Center is preparing for a brighter tomorrow by encouraging dreams in the next generation, instilling the skills to achieve them, and preparing them for jobs that don’t yet exist.” 

Step into a positive and fun learning environment where volunteers will help assist in the science classes available there by applying now! Visit the website for further information!


Animal Services

For those that like all things animal, including assisting in the care of animals at a shelter or fostering your own animals, the animal shelter may be the right place for you! At the shelter you can earn hours by taking care of animals, or helping them find a new home. If interested, email now! There will be a volunteer pack you need to fill out. Further information can be found at the Animal Services Website.


Be sure to check these opportunities out! Make sure to get your volunteer forms from guidance. Go Noles!