Amusement Parks are too Expensive

Julian Serrano, Contributor

Amusement parks are a thrilling, exciting, enjoyable experience with multiple things to explore or partake in. Roller coasters, the most popular attraction, give you an experience like nothing else. The other attractions like the shows and performance and in some cases a zoo. All these attractions sound like an enjoyable experience and a perfect place to bring your friends or go with your family. The tickets are going to cost you $100 or more each to enjoy. 


Disney World, the largest and most popular amusement park in the world, houses the most iconic childhood characters from Mickey Mouse to the recent Encanto. A ticket to visit for one day in one park is gonna run $109 to walk around, meet your favorite characters, and wait in long lines in the Florida heat. That’s just one ticket without any pass, and parking is going to cost you $25 for standard or $50 for preferred. The dining choices, you can sit in these fancy restaurants and pay another $100 for mediocre food. The last thing is buying a water bottle at one of the many stations around the park. They sell water bottles that you could buy at the gas station for a way cheaper price.


Universal Studios, the home to SpongeBob, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park, has the same issues as Disney regarding ticket price. Universal has three main attractions; to visit one park for one day, you have to pay $109. Parking tickets are $29 for standard parking and increase in price based on the type of parking you want. You spend that money to walk in crowded places and wait in long lines again. There is an Express Pass that allows you to skip the line in all rollercoasters, but the price is $79.99


Amusement parks are fun and enjoyable. They are just on the pricey side, but with help, they are worth it.