Serra Sowers

New shows are ‘popping’ up this fall on Netflix and cable TV.

As the school year continues and the workload increases, so do procrastination levelsand with it comes the absolute necessity to binge watch TV shows. Luckily for students, as the fall deadlines approach, so do new TV show seasonsa timely coincidence that’s almost too good to be true. 

Noles are always in search for new TV shows to watch and obsess over. With fall approaching, new series emerge and new seasons of old favorites return. In attempt to fuel students’ inevitable late night procrastination, here are a few binge-worthy series suggested by the SHS student body.

“My favorite shows to binge-watch are those that have killer humor, like The Office. I also love interesting series like Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy,” said sophomore Nate Sullivan.

For those interested in long-running series, there are many options to choose from.

“I love longer series that have a couple seasons like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Freaks and Geeks, Golden Girls, and One Tree Hill,” said senior Rachel Winkler.

Fresh seasons of new series are also around the corner, such as  The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Fuller House, Atypical, and Law and Order. Some Noles are convinced that not only do these shows survive their hype, they live up to it.

“Most people think [The Walking Dead] is all about zombies, but it’s actually about surviving when the world finally breaks,” said sophomore Joshua Glazar.

With such a wide variety, it should be easy for Noles to find their next series to binge. However, if these selections do not interest you, there are still new and upcoming series to get hooked onto.

With only one season out, Riverdale has been an internet phenomenon since it aired in January. Teens can not get over this dark murder mystery that leaves you wanting more. Students have been almost religiously awaiting the return of this new binge series. It will start up again on October 11th, just in time to celebrate the end of the PSAT.

A few other shows that have huge fan bases include Younger, American Horror Story, The Good Doctor, How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Marvel’s Inhumans, and The Mayor. Furthermore, after eleven years the hit show Will and Grace will be back back.

“[The Good Doctor] hits me in my feels, I love that show!” Alyssa Seabury said.

With such a wide variety of selection how can one not be tempted to watch multiple series at once. The selections are endless. Sit back, relax, and get your binging on.