The game began with a traditional Florida torrential downpour. The stands jumped up in surprise, running for cover under the stands and against buildings, but the game went on because football does not stop for rain. During this downpour, Donta Whack was able to score a first down, and Marvin Brown did as well, paving the way for Darren Lawrence to score a touchdown and throw the pass that secured the two-point conversion. 

The Seminole defense was strong tonight, and in their first show of excellence, they pushed back the Bulldogs, forcing them to punt. In Seminoles Next possession Demari Henderson scores a touchdown. 

Although the Bulldogs are given a first down because of two penalties called against Seminole, they are tackled on the line of scrimmage and eventually forced to punt. Then Donta Whack trucks the ball down the field for a 38-yard pickup. Karson Siqueiros-Lasky threw a pass for a 42-yard pickup, but we were unable to score on the possession with the ball being turned over on downs. 

Halftime recognizes hall of fame inductees and allows both marching bands to show off their skills

Ethan Pritchard tackles Bulldogs preventing gains after a successful kick by the original kicker, Cale Tomlin, who arrived at halftime from his swim meet. Then in the next play with the drumline in the background, they push them back to the two-yard line. The bulldogs make a good punt to the 22-yard line, and within 2 plays a touchdown is made by 1. 

A fantastic kick but a fast kickoff return speeds down the field for a 50-yard return by the Bulldogs, but the Seminole defense held strong. Deland was forced to turnover on downs, ending the first show of offensive prowess on the 15-yard line. However Deland quickly intercepts the ball and gain a first down, but they are only able kick a field goal.

After their field goal, Deland kicks off to Seminole, and Ja’cari Henderson then returns a kickoff for a touchdown with a two-point conversion. At the end of the game, the Bulldogs were able to score a touchdown. 

During the huddle after the game, Head Coach Eric Lodge congratulates his team saying that “a lot of them are one play away from being ‘the man’” saying that he is “proud of them [and] they knew what to do,” as they prepare for the upcoming playoffs. 

Lodge says “[he] thinks this was a really clean game. The defense played really well. I was really happy with them and the productivity we got out of them,” congratulating a number of specific players. 

He has high hopes for the playoff “if we can focus and execute, we’ll do well. It’s business as usual to prepare for the playoffs.”