Alumni Gabriel Davis (class of 2016) reaches for great heights as a UCF football player.

Samantha Flaute, Reporter

For many students at Seminole High School, being a student athlete is part of the high school experience. But what many don’t know is that the SHS football team prepares many student athletes to continue their career in the college and professional leagues. Of those young and aspiring Seminole alumni athletes is Gabriel Davis.  

Gabriel Davis, known by his friends as Gabe, is currently a sophomore at UCF. He was one of UCF’s top three wide receivers in 2017 who heard their names called in the 2018 NFL Draft, and he will continue to play for UCF this season.

As a high school student, Davis was assigned the position of wide receiver. He played in many SHS football games, and his hard work paid off when he was scouted by UCF and was asked to join their team. Overall, Davis enjoyed high school and managed to get good grades, all while keeping up with an intense practice schedule.

“I had a great experience playing for Seminole as I was part of one of the best teams to ever come through the school. I still miss playing for Seminole, I love to play in front of everybody in Sanford. My favorite memory at SHS is going undefeated our senior season and making it to the Final Four,” said Davis.

Davis’ coach, Mike Timmons, admires Davis’ work ethic and his devotion to the team during his high school career.

“He was a very hard worker, one of the hardest working young men that I have ever coached. His work ethic is second to none. His skills were good, however his effort made them even better. He was a great teammate to all the fellow athletes,” said Timmons.

Overall, as Seminole’s football program develops it is expected to see an increase in players getting offers to play for colleges.

“Seminole did a good job preparing me to play for college; my coaches taught me how to be a man and how to play the game. Football is more than just a game it teaches us about life and all the coaches did a great job with that,” said Davis.

Timmons has been coaching Seminole’s football team for six years and really enjoys the time he gets to spend with the team.

“The experience I have had with all of the young men that I have coached has made me a better person and hopefully in return has made them not only better athletes, but better men,” said Timmons.

Seminole’s longstanding reputation of having an excellent football team will give students with athletic gifts a chance to pursue their athletic abilities to their extent, with the possibility of a college career in their given sport.

For students interested in potentially playing football in college, Timmons has tried-and-true advice.

“You not only have to have the skills and the ability, but you need the heart and the desire to play,” said Timmons. “It is a lot more work than most people give it credit.”