Serra Sowers

Mrs. Howard combines her passions of teaching and art by helping students in her 3D art class.

Hannah Bensel, Designer/ Reporter

Many students who think their plates are full do not always consider the struggles that their own teachers face. For example, Mrs. Jennifer Howard, a Seminole High School art teacher, is juggling teaching multiple art courses, administering club activities, and to top it all off, preparing to be a first-time mother.

Teaching 3D Art 1 and AP Art History, and being the adviser of the Art Club is a difficult task, yet Mrs. Howard makes it look easy. Despite the difficulty of her work, the impact on students continues to drive her every day.

“When students come in feeling like they won’t succeed in art, yet progress throughout the year making beautiful artwork, it makes it all worth it,” said Mrs. Howard.

Mrs. Howard’s parents served as an inspiration to her. She fell in love with teaching because of them, as they both worked as teachers themselves. Her mother worked at Lyman High School and Mrs. Howard herself attended Lyman during her high school years. She was in the engineering program and played golf at the school.

Mrs. Howard began her career after studying art at Savannah College of Art and Design on a golf scholarship.

“Not knowing what to do with my degree in art, I went back to college to get a masters degree in education,” said Mrs. Howard. “I then attended the University of Central Florida, so that I could teach students like my parents.”

After getting her degree she became a substitute teacher for elementary and middle schools in Seminole County. She then took up the opportunity in 2011 to teach at Seminole High School when they needed an art teacher.

There are always downfalls to tackling all these tasks, especially when pregnant. At times she has difficulties when walking, so she asks her students to come to her desk for any questions.

“I do everything by family first, so if there is anything that could affect it, I will have to make sure I find a way to work around it,” said Mrs. Howard.

Six years later, Mrs. Howard has taken over the Art Club, and until recently, served as the girls’ golf team coach. Taking on all of these responsibilities as a teacher is difficult and can have its moments, but it is still not enough to rain on her parade.