Abra Stalker

Pictured above are the senior soccer girls at senior night!

Morganne Young, Writer/Photographer

On Jan. 18, the girls’ soccer team had a special night called Senior Night. It was certainly an unforgettable experience for spectators, players, and especially the seniors at Seminole High School (SHS). During the school day, recognized seniors could be spotted wearing a flashy, orange sash and a beautiful crown with Chick-Fil-A in hand in order to celebrate senior year. 


This night was bittersweet for both seniors and underclassmen. Nola Johnson, sophomore on the SHS girls soccer team, says, “[i]t was emotional, [but] at the same time it was really fun watching senior night…we had a larger amount of seniors this year, a few who I’ve known for a good amount of time, so it was hard watching them walk down the field and hearing about how they’re going off to college. I don’t think I’ve fully processed it yet since they’re all still here. But it’s definitely weird knowing I won’t see them at school next year, let alone not play with them. As much as I’ll miss them next year, I’m really excited for all of them and look forward to seeing what they’ll do in the future.” 


IB senior, SHS girls soccer team member, Morgan Wright, credits the team’s tight bond and desire to perform for one another for the team’s 7-0 win, which was the cherry on top of an already spectacular night. She expresses, “[e]veryone had a lot of fun that game and played very well…I love the girls on the team so much, so I really don’t want to leave them.” 


Wright has committed to Eckerd College for Soccer.

Flordelee Pino, a SHS Health Academy Senior, was one of many who showed up to support the girls soccer team in their huge blowout against the University High School Cougars. Pino vividly depicts the ambience of the night. “The stands were filled with a lot of people, mainly family members, staff/teachers, and friends of the girls! Overall, just a lot of people were there to support someone on the team whether they were on JV or Varsity. The energy was lively and everyone there was excited to cheer and clap for every girl after their speeches,” she says. 


Pino highlights what Bokey knows how to do best: support one another. 


Wright’s experience on the special day leading up to Senior Night undoubtedly aligns with the community values at Seminole. She explains a new tradition started this year: “all the seniors [chose] a teacher who impacted them and their life. I chose Mrs. Meahl… [because] I have had her for two years for English and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). I have learned so much from her classes. She helped me become a better writer and has always been there for me to rant to. She is one of the most understanding and helpful teachers and I appreciate her so much.” 


Throughout the day, other students of Mrs. Meahl could sense the mutual feelings of appreciation between herself and soccer superstar Wright. Mrs. Meahl was proudly sporting a soccer jersey the whole day, and when she was asked why, she was eager to inform her students that she would be Wright’s honored teacher at her Senior Night. 


Many students even outside of the soccer team can attest to the amazing sense of community that the students, teachers, and families at Seminole create. Eunice Stephens, an IB junior, is one of these students. She explains, “[m]y favorite part of this school is definitely all the people here. Because we have such a big school, you wouldn’t really expect that everyone is so friendly, but it’s true! Not only with the students, but especially the teachers form really important mentor-like bonds with their students.”