Homecoming Victory!

Mahalla Hynes, Editor-in-Chief

Lake Brantley Patriots kicked off the Seminoles for the start of the homecoming game. Even in the cold weather, the student section was packed and screaming for their team. Built up throughout the week with dress-up days and the pep rallies, this game did not disappoint with phenomenal offensive output and a strong defensive line. 


Sophomore quarterback, David Parks, dominated the game with 11 for 15 for 3 touchdowns and a rushing touchdown. In the first possession of the game, which was 8 plays and 50 yards, Parks threw multiple successful passes to his primary target receiver Micheal Key pushing the Seminoles up the field. Key caught the touchdown-scoring pass just halfway through the first quarter. However, a bad snap prevented the Noles from scoring the two-point conversion.


Parks’ domination in this first drive showed his prowess on the field, and trust for his fellow teammates saying that this game showed him “I am really able to trust my receivers and the [offensive] line to do their thing, so I can mine” 


Parks pointed out that his favorite piece of the game was his exciting rushing touchdown. He ran  39 yards into the endzone after breaking through the Lake Brantley defensive line. He credits his success in this game to his mental preparation throughout the week and being “dialed in” during the practice. He takes time at home to improve his skills and study the other teams he is playing to make sure that when he gets to the field he is ready.


Another fantastic player during the game was Darren Lawrence. After a turnover, Lawrence was able to catch a touchdown pass, but this was not the most impressive piece of this portion. After they lined up to kick an extra point, Lawrence did a fake and ran the ball in for the two-point conversion. Fellow team member, Jimi Ahern,  highlighted this as his favorite moment of the game. 


Another great moment for Lawrence was after a fumble recovery when Lawerence caught a 20-yard pass. He was stopped just before the endzone, but in the next few plays, he was able to push past the Lake Brantley defensive line, and score the touchdown for the Noles. 


Head Coach, Eric Lodge, says he “was proud that [the team] was able to stay focused with all the distractions of homecoming. For them to put that aside and come out and really focus was fantastic.” Lodge believes this bodes well for the game against Lake Mary next week. Rivalry games are always more difficult because emotions are high and the stakes even higher,  but to be successful in those games the team has to put their emotions aside and focus on the gameplay.


Lodge says he is preparing the game next week the same way they always do, but emphasizes the importance of the players’ mental preparation for this game. To stay focused, the players will have to know their plan precisely, but we know the Seminoles will always do everything they can to destroy our rivals. 


Parks says he is working to be more consistent in his passing game for next week and tells Lake Mary to “be ready.” Overall this game was a great showing of what Seminole can do, and we can’t wait to see what the Noles bring next week when we travel into enemy territory.