Katelyn Liston, Reporter

Rabbitfoot Records is a quaint coffee and record shop in Sanford that is great place to relax.
Photo By: Katelyn Liston, Reporter

By: Katelyn Liston, Reporter

Rabbitfoot Records, a small coffee shop in downtown Sanford, is more than just the average stop for a cup of joe. In addition to serving a wide variety of fresh, organic espresso and coffee, it also hosts live performances by small bands, sells records, and has an environment that will leave customers thinking about their next coffee break before they leave.

Rabbitfoot Records opened in 2012, when owner Rob Wallas decided to start up a small record shop in Titusville, Florida. Not long after Wallas began his shop, he discovered the joint’s current cozy home in Sanford’s Historic District. The new location happened to have an old bar so, instead of renovating, he added coffee to his sales.

“I didn’t hear about [Rabbitfoot Records], more or less I was driving and I decided to check it out. [The environment] is better than places I’ve seen. I do stuff here all the time,” says customer Joshua R. Jones.

Typically, the shop hosts bands for shows a few times each month. Most of the bands seek the coffee shop out to secure a performance date, but sometimes Rabbitfoot will call bands in to play. Many touring bands are known to make stops at Rabbitfoot Records, as well. The shop will be relocating very soon and expects to have bands booked for every weekend.

Rabbitfoot is covered with neat paintings and artwork, including mural-like works on the walls and bathroom doors. Coffee prices range from $1.85 to $3.75 and the pastry section includes muffins, apple fritters/turnovers, pies, cheesecakes, and cookies which cost between $2.00 to $3.00. Post-relocation, Rabbitfoot Records plans to expand their menu and begin selling sandwiches in addition to their current items.

Tiffany Reed, an employee at Rabbitfoot Records, says, Rabbitfoot Records “is awesome. There’s a good vibe, the coffees really good, and I wouldn’t just say that—actually I would because I work here—but it’s really good,  I love the coffee here, I’d be really bummed if I sold bad coffee, plus you can buy records here. We try to keep you happy in your environment; you can choose any record from the shelves and we’ll play it for you. In the last year I’ve seen people meet up here and become really good friends with each other. It’s really cool to see something like that.”

The records, alphabetically organized, new, and from every genre, lay against a black wall which is duly decorated with records and their cover art. Rabbitfoot is happy to order records that they do not have shelved for customers. The store also has a record player that is hooked up to the shop’s sound system, allowing music to play all throughout the store.

Freshman Amrita Kapat says, I  like Rabbitfoot Records “because it’s really cute and the records are really fun to listen to. Plus the food is good.”

Overall, Rabbitfoot Records is an affordable, unique coffee and record shop in downtown Sanford, that is great for everyday coffee or meeting up with friends. This place definitely isn’t something to miss.

Rabbitfoot Records is currently located at 309 East 1st Street Sanford, Florida. Rabbitfoot Records will be moving to their new home at 307 East 2nd Street Sanford, Florida, in late February/early March, 2015. Their new location will be about three times bigger than the current establishment, and the shop will continue to sell coffee and records.

Contact Rabbitfoot Records by phone at 321-926-3417.

Current hours:

Monday-Thursday: 7am-10pm

Friday: 7am-12pm

Saturday: 9am-12pm

Sunday: 9am-9pmInsideRecords