Gwyneth Katker

Most gyms have closed due to the corona virus pandemic. Self care is still important and this article talks about the different ways you can stay healthy throughout quarantine.

Julio Roman, Reporter

With the global spread of COVID-19, many different public places and businesses have shut down, including gyms. Due to this worldwide closure, many people have resorted to exercising at home in order to remain active.


Maintaining a healthy routine, even without going to a gym, is extremely important as it can help boost one’s immune system and decrease stress. Exercising, especially during this time, can help people who regularly work out feel a sense of normalcy, while for others it can be the perfect time to start getting in shape. Further, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends for people to get between 75 and 150 minutes of exercise per week, depending on the intensity of the workout. 


To help people stay inside during the quarantine, many fitness Instagram accounts have started to post at-home workouts that anyone can do from the comfort of their living room. One Instagram account that posts daily workout videos is @thebmeyers. Brendan Meyers, the creator of the account, posts workouts focused on exercising various body parts. For example, he has videos for chest, back, tricep, bicep, legs, abs and cardio workouts. This helps keep people motivated and able to have variety throughout the week while stuck at home. 


“I usually go to the gym every day, but because of quarantine, I have not been able to go because they are closed. After some looking around, I found thebmeyers on Instagram and ever since it has been a good way to stay active,” said junior Ajay Persuad.


On YouTube, there are many channels that also post workouts. J80FIT, run by Josh Brueckner and Katie Betzing, features different workouts such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), bodyweight training, and different cardio workouts. Along with these workouts, they also have full body workouts based on different skill levels.


“Because of the coronavirus, I had to stay home to work out and it was pretty difficult at first. After looking around for a little bit, I found J80FIT on YouTube and ever since I have been doing their workouts and it helps me feel a little better through this pandemic,” said junior Kaitlyn Huff.


Although we are expected to remain in quarantine for the rest of April, there are still many ways for people to stay in shape. With thousands of social media workout accounts, we can still find ways to be active at home.


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