Music Industry Prevails Despite Coronavirus


Gwyneth Katker

Despite the pandemic, Ariana Grande’s new album is a hit!

Samhitha Katuru, Reporter

Music has always been an important part of history as a way of both communication and entertainment. It is not only a hobby but a lifestyle and an industry. Students use it to study and artists make money from it.

“I listen to music because it helps me concentrate and feel more focused. This way I can also get a lot more work done in less time, keeping music as a background melody,” states freshman Aryan Akula.

However, due to COVID-19, many thought the music industry would falter, much like numerous other business ventures and commercial ideas. Contrarily, it has been thriving since the quarantine. With music artists and song-writers utilizing those months in the best way possible, some of the best songs and albums released were created or written in the solemn year of 2020. In fact, according to Insider, 2020 has been both a productive and successful year for small and big-time artists. Without much to look forward to, many people, despite not being hard-core fans, took the chance to listen to more music created, increasing the popularity of the music industry.

“Over quarantine, I did get into a lot of music. I explored different genres and discovered new music that I might never have heard before if it was not for the spare time. For example, some artists that I listened to were David Bowie, Machine Gun Kelly, Laura Branigan,” expresses IB sophomore Amber Ni.

In addition to the groundbreaking albums released at the beginning of the year by Post Malone, Tame Impala, and Halsey, numerous other enigmatic, impressive artists created and announced new songs or albums.


ALICIA by Alicia Keys

A sentimental yet approachable singer, Keys’ new album is of the same nature. With lyrics depicting her inner frustrations, desires, and unrevealed hopes, the included songs will be no short of heart-jerking and emotionally expressive. The album also features impressive guest appearances such as Ed Sheeran and Khalid. Her R&B-based music is calming yet powerful in its messages, depicting important events like Black Lives Matter. The impactful album was released on September 18.


Mama’s Boy by LANY

Intimate and touching, LANY’s new album, released on October 2, is a tribute to a second chance. The album, as reviews state, convinces others “to call your ex after one too many glasses of wine”. The insightful lyrics are a contrast to the chill, adaptive tune used, creating perfect songs. Moreover, the composition of the lyrics is different from the usual anthems LANY creates, yet it is a perfect, introverted album.


Wachito Rico by Boy Pablo

Indie Pop singer Boy Pablo, also known as Nicolas Muñoz, released his new album on October 23. His debut album is inspired by disco and is partly sung in Spanish, demonstrating how unique and catchy all of his music is. The music star once again succeeded in creating the perfect summer-loving, heart-strung, “at the beach” vibe all indie-lovers adore.


Music is the Weapon by Major Lazer

Featuring numerous guest appearances from award-winning artists such as Khalid and Nicki Minaj, the album is sure to fire up any party. Major Lazer has always been an intense, non-defining group of artists whose best music is adrenaline-filled. This compact album is a testament to exactly that, depicting the crazy, electronic hybrid music fans love. It was released on October 23. 

Love Goes by Sam Smith

Released on the day before Halloween, this album immediately became a hit. His composed ballads are beautifully written and the music accompanied is luxurious and powerful. The released album is sure to bring up one’s mood and can be quite enjoyable.


Positions by Ariana Grande

The awaited album of Grande is nothing like fans expected. While the music is drastically different from Grande’s hit song “Thank you, Next”, the collection of 14 songs are simple yet so Ariana that many fans and critics believed the new, almost R&B approach to the songs was still monumental. This album was released on October 30.


Upcoming Albums and More Information

Besides the new albums mentioned above, there are rumors of upcoming albums by famous artists as well. Earlier in the year, Rhianna herself left a tweet hinting at a future album, R9. She later mentioned in an interview that she was working diligently on the new album, but has not yet announced a release date. However, Rhianna is not the only singer working on future albums. Artists such as Shawn Mendes, Khalid, and Miley Cyrus have dropped hints or announcements about new albums that will soon be published.

“An album I am anticipating is Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus. Her music is captivating both lyrically and melodically,” expresses Ni.

From a musical standpoint, we tend to evolve drastically over time. It will always be one thing that will carry on for many generations to come. With new songs being released, showcasing a whole different world that embodies the human soul, it’s important to know what you enjoy to listen to. Be sure to take a look at a few of the artists I have mentioned above and keep an eye out for upcoming music!