Romance Shows in Another Country


Jaleri Graham, Contributor

There has been a rising popularity of Korean romance dramas, causing many to argue that Korean romance dramas are better than American romance dramas. However, let’s look at some pros and cons of both sides.


To watch a Korean romance you definitely need patience because the plot can have a  slower pace. For instance, you might not get a kissing scene until the tenth episode or so, but I like the fact that it’s like this because it really shows that the characters had time to really love each other. Another thing is that Korean romance intimacy is more PG-13. They really respect the actors’ privacy and don’t go all out. The most you see is kissing, and I really like the fact that they do that. 


Our American dramas, on the other hand, aren’t the best. American romance rarely has character development, and everything is rushed. The fast-paced American romance can sometimes be recognized as good, but the majority of the time it’s not. The plot is most likely not the best, it’s either very toxic or just not worth finishing. Intimacy scenes are most likely 18+. We always see someone’s body parts and I think it’s disrespectful to have that shown. 


Lastly, endings are also very important in both American and Korean romance dramas. Korean romance always ends with the main characters together and happy. While American romance sometimes ends like that but most of the time they are together but not always happy. 


Even after going through all this, I hold Korean romance close to my heart. Korean romance dramas are so sweet and cliche to the point where it’s hard not to like them. I have watched so many that I lost count. Korean dramas are my happy place, the place where my mind focuses on every second of each episode.