The Seminoles Outrun the Greyhounds, 62-0


Touchdown scored by 14, Tyrone Williams Jr., during the 2nd quarter. Seminole high school beats Lyman 62-0 on 9/10/2021

While Seminole High was widely predicted to beat Lyman,  62-0 was an outstanding score. With this being the first game of the season against a familiar team it was a great morale boost for both the team, the students, and the wider community. The students were excited for this game on both sides with a wide turnout on both sides, as there was at least 1,000 people in attendance.

Head coach, Eric Lodge, when asked after the game how this experience helps players said “It’s really good for morale. However, the thing that you battle, when you play an opponent with that much success, is to get the players  to realize that not every game is going to be like that.” 

A 9th grade ROTC member “I like coming to football games because it get people involved in their school, and it’s just really fun and festive”

The festivity was present in the stands with the chanting and cheering. Flags waved and a homemade sign read “run, puppies, run” in reference to the Lyman mascot. The excitement only increased as the game went on.

After winning the coin toss, Cale Tomlin kicked off to Lyman, but Lyman having the first possession did not stop the Fighting Noles to score a touchdown within the first minute of the game. 

With the ball turned back over Lyman our strong defense did not them gain an inch on the field, only pushing them back on the field. After this, there was a Lyman injury with a hushed silence falling over the stadium, but cheering erupted as he walked off the field. 

Then remarkable running back Donta Whack was able to run the ball all the way from the Seminole 38-yard line to the 24-yard line on the Lyman side, securing a touchdown in the next play. 

The Seminole defense showed their skills throughout this game forcing Lyman to punt nearly every time they had the ball in their possession.

Karson Siqueiros-Lasky threw a terrific pass securing yet another touchdown for the Noles. However with Lyman completing a successful pass frustration from the coaches could be heard from the other side of the field, but in the next play, Seminole came back stronger. Ethan Pritchard caught an interception, allowing Donta Whack to score an 80-yard touchdown. This just continues to show off Whack’s legendary skills as a running back.

After this stellar touchdown, Seminole kicked off to Lyman and pushed them all the way into the endzone, but Lyman was able to avoid a safety, so Seminole was not able to pick up points there. 

As the second quarter began, Seminole was able to quickly score a touchdown after another pass from Karson Siqueiros-Lasky to Micheal Key for another touchdown. Soon after Micheal Key scored another rushing touchdown. 

After another back and forth between the teams Tyrone Williams was able to score a 66-yard rushing touchdown.

Both schools worked together to put on a wondrous halftime show. Lyman’s flag performance was graceful and regal.. Both bands played with tremendous skill and great spirit. Then the dazzlers came out with the Millenium dancers putting on a stunning, synchronized performance able to work together like they had all been together for years. 

In the second half, the Noles were able to score two more great touchdowns, using running plays and passing plays. 

“There were a couple of times guys who don’t normally get a chance to get in the endzone got some big plays. It was good to see guys who put in so much work get to show that off. There are so many of the guys that really did so well this week. It’s hard to pick out just one,” said Lodge. 

Overall this game was terrific, and the principal, Jordan Rodriguez, agrees, saying “[Football games like this] help build community, tradition, and provides a safe Friday night out to support your school. Our guys are special and this game is going great. Games are multi-faceted with the dazzlers, the band, and the football team. It really is a special thing.” 

This is all so true. Friday nights at Seminole football games are special and so are all the people that participate in the making the game great.