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Noles love showing school spirit!

Clara Bouley, Reporter

Many people consider football games the best part of the high school experience. Most students come to the games to see their friends, show school spirit, and feel school unity. Many adults come to watch their kids or experience a high school football game. Yet, everyone that comes to watch a football game understands the importance of spirit themes during football season. Not only is it fun to dress up and see who can be the most festive, but it also makes the games that much more fun. 

SHS sophomore Olivia Casservik has a lot of friends on the football team and enjoys hyping them up before games. She says: “I like dressing up and getting ready for the games.” 

SHS Health Academy sophomore Madison Wright tries to go to as many games as she possibly can for a similar reason. Wright dresses up for all the football games and tries to go all out on themed spirit days. Most people’s favorite part is dressing up for the games. 

Aadesh Toshniwal, an IB sophomore at SHS, states that his favorite part of football games is representing his school. He also enjoys taking part in the cheers at the games. The spirit themes help induce school pride, making it all the more fun for Toshniwal and other students.

IB sophomore Rohan Patel agrees with Toshniwal. Patel adds that he also enjoys spending time with friends at the games: “It is a good way to end a week of school.” 

As ironic as it sounds, football games are not just about football. Football games at SHS provide many clubs and groups a chance to perform. The SHS marching band performs at halftime, and often has specific walking patterns to show symbols or words on the field. The band also provides the music that cheerleaders and Dazzlers use for their routines and cheers. They play throughout the game and lead the student section in many cheers, hyping up the SHS audience and contributing to the energetic atmosphere. 

Health Academy sophomore Zoey Walker plays percussion in the band. Her favorite part about playing in the band at football games is seeing the crowd and football players get excited. She enjoys watching the crowd get hyped up and dancing to the band’s songs and dances. It makes all the hard work and hours that the band puts in worth it. Band is a rigorous extracurricular that requires practice every day after school, even during horrid Florida weather. The band truly is the Pride of the Tribe. 

The SHS Dazzlers also perform at most football games. Both the Junior Varsity and Varsity groups get to showcase their skills at the games. Varsity Dazzlers are often on the track and perform during the game, usually during halftime. Junior Varsity Dazzlers perform in the stands, closer to the band, and also take part in halftime performances. The Dazzlers require constant practice and skill. They have two full class periods of practice during school, and after-school practices. 

Heath Academy sophomore student Brooke Capraro is on the JV Dazzlers team. Brooke states that her favorite part about being a Dazzler during football season is being “in the stands with the team and cheering on the football game.” 

Overall, football games are fun events to attend regardless if you enjoy watching football or not. The spirit themes and fun energy give students a way to hang out with friends and feel connected to their school. Go Noles!