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Although Stan Lee is no longer with us, his legacy continues to entertain generations to come through his comics and movies.

Zayna Sheikh, Reporter

After a passing, our legacies are kept alive by the people who remember us and the things we have created. In his lifetime, Stan Lee created an intricate universe that will be remembered long after his death. Through his creativity and genius alone, Lee transcended the usual barriers of society. His characters shaped the lives of people regardless of age, race, and gender. In this way, Stan Lee will live forever.

Lee’s belief in humankind was apparent in each of his creations. He linked superpowers with kindness and bravery. Captain America would be powerless if he was not foremost a good person, and Spider-Man would not be a “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” if he did not care about the well being of people. Lee taught us that the greatest strength was not superhuman powers: it was having the strength to be a good person.

The characters and stories that Lee brought to life affected not only individuals, but relationships. As he built his universe, he fostered the bonds of the people who experienced it.

“My dad and I used to watch Marvel movies together while I was growing up. It was something that brought us closer,” said junior Lauren Murphy.

Furthermore, Lee did not shy away from creating characters that went beyond the standard archetype. In 1966, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby debuted the first superhero of African descent, “The Black Panther.” Its cultural impact was immediately evident; for the first time in American pop culture, the African character was nobody’s sidekick.

“More recently, [Marvel] has been having more diversity, which is awesome. There’s been Asian representation with Wong in “Doctor Strange,” which is good because usually, Asians aren’t super represented in pop culture,” said junior Praveen Sundar.

It is no doubt that Lee possessed a rare gift for storytelling, but beyond this, he was brave enough to explore the deepest of human characteristics. His comics reveal a complex understanding of human flaws and our capacity to triumph over them. He ensured that his characters were more than their powers; they were humans with realistic relationships and flaws. In doing this, Stan Lee redefined the meaning of being a superhero and took away their unattainable perfection. He allowed us to connect with them; he made superheroes of us all.