Jenna Katz

With the arrival of October, fun events become available to everyone! Halloween Horror Nights is a popular event in Central Florida!

Laura Guske, Reporter

         You may have noticed stores starting to bring out Halloween décor and merchandise. You know what that means? The season of desired temperature drops from the usual grueling Florida summers, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween are right around the corner. The upcoming fall season is on everyone’s mind. This calls for seasonal fall activities you won’t want to miss. One of the most anticipated and popular events of the season is Universal Orlando’s annual Halloween Horror Nights. This year’s Halloween Horror Nights will feature ten haunted houses, five scare zones, two live shows, attractions, and themed food and drinks. This year’s  premiere haunted house is The Weekend: After Hours Nightmare, based on the music artist The Weeknd’s After Hours album.  The event extends from Sept. 2nd to Oct 31st, Wednesday through Sunday. The park begins the horrifyingly fun activities at 6:30 p.m., ending at 2 a.m..

         Though it is still early in the event, students should not hesitate in buying tickets! SHS junior Anthony Shay has been going to Halloween Horror Nights for years and knows his way around the park well. He advises that students should “buy tickets early.” 

Tickets are already on sale and starting at $73.99 for a one-night ticket pass. Buying tickets now ensures that your spot is secure, due to ticket prices being subject to change depending on how busy the park is. Shay also advises that the best days to buy tickets are during the “middle of the week.” These days are less busy and therefore will be cheaper. This year, Shay is most excited for the “original haunted house. He states that “not knowing what you are stepping into makes it 10 times scarier.”

         SHS senior Mason Baldwin emphasizes Halloween Horror Nights as the “highlight of the season.” Baldwin went to Halloween Horror Nights last year and cannot wait to return. He advises anyone going for the first time this year to visit the biggest haunted houses first. This is because these houses become “crowded the quickest and are the most exciting” according to Baldwin. The haunted houses bring a variety of thrills and chills to guests. If it is very busy when you go or you are unable to do much else, the houses are the definite must for the best experience.

SHS junior Sara Smith, however, disagrees. She expresses that her favorite part of Halloween Horror Nights are the scare zones. As unpredictably exciting as the haunted houses are, Smith expresses that the scare zones have the same, if not better, ability to give you the rush of “not knowing what to expect” next. Smith describes the scare zones as a “mix of scary and exciting.” 

Smith also advises that all guests should wear shorts, a comfortable top, and sneakers. Wearing shorts will help keep you cool, and sneakers will keep you comfy for all the walking or running you do throughout the park.

Clearly, other SHS students have had amazing experiences at Universal’s spectacular Halloween Horror Nights, and this year, so can you! Tickets are on sale right now at their website. So gather up all your friends, buy your tickets and go have a blast. Just make sure to remember the tips from the above students and you will definitely have your best fall season yet!