Abra Stalker

Catherine Valwatt joins us on the Main Campus!

As many SHS students make the transition from the Ninth Grade Center (NGC) to Main Campus, it feels good to see a familiar face. For many students, that familiar face is Catherine Vallwatt. Vallwatt was a geometry teacher for honors and Pre-IB students at the NGC last year. Vallwatt showed high performance in her student’s testing scores and FSA (Florida State Assessment) scores. Additionally, her students had one of the highest EOC(End of Course) exam pass rates in the school. Due to her success, she was nominated as teacher of the year for the NGC. 

Vallwatt has made a transition to the main campus just as her students have. She has left the classroom and is now a school administrative manager. 

“I enjoy having an administrative role instead of a teaching one. It is nice seeing my past students and how they have grown. I also enjoy seeing the impact of my teaching on my students. I see more students on the main campus, and get to know more people on the staff as well.”, elaborates Vallwatt.

Vallwatt is in charge of technology and testing in the media center. She is familiar with the main campus as she worked here before the NGC was built.

“Seminole High School feels like home. I have worked here for most of my career in education. I am excited to learn more about organization and testing through my new role. I have a passion for teaching. Initially, I wanted to teach Kindergarten and try to make a difference in young kids’ lives.”, expresses Vallwatt.

Ironically, Vallwatt never ended up teaching kindergarten, but was able to apply some of that knowledge to her high school students in a fun way. While teaching, Vallwatt went back to school at the University of Central Florida (UCF) for curriculum and instruction with a focus on secondary mathematics education. She successfully earned her master’s degree and decided to go back for a specialist degree. She earned her specialist degree in educational leadership. She is most excited about her most recent degree because it can be applied to her new administrative job. She does not plan to go back to school. 

SHS sophomore Faith Rivers had Vallwatt for geometry and freshman leadership. She described Vallwatt as motivating and creative. 

Rivers states that “her goal-oriented personality made her want to work hard and accomplish much in both of her classes. In freshman leadership last year, she would often make my classmates and me laugh. It created a light-hearted environment and made many students feel comfortable expressing their ideas. Personally, going to Vallwatt’s class was a highlight of my day, and being part of freshman leadership was very educational. She taught my peers and I many leadership skills that we all can apply to our daily lives.”

Overall, Vallwatt is going to be a great administrator on the main campus and we should all give her a warm welcome back when we see her.