Friday Night Lights at Seminole


Morganne Young

Friday Night Football is a central part of Seminole’s spirit.

Morgan Brannon, Contributor

Hearing the loud roars of screaming and cheering classmates is a great kickoff to Seminole High School’s Football Season. Almost every student has this special time set on their calendars as Friday Night Lights (FNL). FNL is so exciting. It is such a great way to come together as a school and represent “the tribe”.

All grades, freshmen through seniors join together to cheer on their football team in the student section. The student section is a very crowded space in the stadium. It brings together students by dressing in their game attire. For each game, the student section has a fun theme such as Aloha, White-out, Pink-out, and more. As these themes progress it allows students to be creative and have fun with their outfits. The anticipation for FNL leads to a week full of excitement. The student section can also be shared with students from other schools. There’s always an occasional Lake Mary Ram in our student section. Overall, SHS has the student section that most students, even those from other schools desire.

FNL isn’t just liked by students, but also adults. The student section is a very small part of the stadium seating. The rest of the seating is filled by parents, grandparents,  and even just SHS fans. Some adults also enjoy the tailgate experience or concessions before the game. These football games and festivities bring an element of excitement to all ages. Personally, this time shared with friends and school is special. It allows students to feel involved with after-school activities and school spirit. It is such a fun thing to experience with your peers. FNL is a great way for SHS students to represent our pride for our school. By coming together in a fun and exciting way, it shows respect to the football team and our school as well.