How To Ace Your Semester Exams: 2020 Edition


Ashley Dang

Students use quizlet as a popular method to study for exams.

As classes begin to prepare for the upcoming semester exams, many Seminole High School students are wondering how to prepare and study to achieve the grades they desire. Some students begin to stress about exams because they never know what kind of questions they will face. There are many study tips to help you gain and understand the knowledge you will need to know to be able to ace all your exams.

A very popular study tip amongst SHS students is studying quizlets and other online platforms like Kahoot. Teachers use these platforms to allow students to practice the knowledge they will see on the tests and exams. Although, teachers are not certain on the questions that will be asked they have an understanding of the level of difficulty they need to expose their students to. Quizlets are very popular in many schools, including SHS, and is a platform that allows students to study the information needed in many different forms including flashcards, practice tests, matching, and writing.

According to SHS Health Academy Sophomore Fatima Hussian, “I like to use the flashcard feature on quizlet to help me gain a better understanding on certain topics and gain extra practice so I am not stressed and worried about being surprised on the exam.”

 All around, Quizlets can be used to help studies on various amounts of topics. If you have trouble understanding a concept or need more practice, Quizlet is a great way to practice this! In addition to Quizlet, students also use kahoot. Most kahoots are provided by their teachers and it is a great way to practice timed questions. This allows the students to get used to having a time restraint on their exams so they feel less stress when it comes time to take the exam. 

Another extremely helpful study tip is using study guides provided by your teachers or other classmates. Study guides help you comprehend and practice similar questions you will see on the exams. Study guides provided by your teachers will help you know what topics you need to cover when studying for their specific exam. Also, study guides provided by your classmates can be helpful as long as the information is accurate and you are understanding the knowledge and what is being asked. 

Study groups are popular amongst SHS students, as well. You are able to work with your classmates and gain off of each other’s knowledge. With the trying times we are in, it can be hard to get out into a social atmosphere and collaborate with your friends. As long as you are wearing a mask and are socially distancing from each other and other parties and take proper CDC precautions you can still accomplish your goals. Having your friends there to help you in studying can release stress and make it easier to focus on the information being taught to you. This is an amazing way to focus on your school work and still spend time with your friends.

Lastly, spreading out your studying can be extremely helpful in not having to cram the information the night before the exam. According to BBC Future, it is statistically proven that “spacing out learning was more effective than cramming for 90% of the participants who took part in one of his experiments.” Preparing for your exam a week in advance can really help to release your stress and help your brain understand the information and not just recognize it. Students who have crammed their studying the day before the exam have found that they were able to recognize the information but not understand the full topic. 

SHS Health Academy Sophomore Raya Bhuiyan states “I find it helpful to not cram studying the night before and to have a set plan for your exam to release the stress on your mind and allow you to perform better while taking the exam.”

Overall, there are many different study tips available to help you find what suits you best. Quizlets and Kahoot are very helpful in allowing you to practice the concepts you will see on the exams. Study guides are provided to gain a better understanding of certain types of questions you will see on your test. Study groups are an amazing way to work with friends and study together. Spreading out your studying releases the stress on your mind and helps with gaining full knowledge on all topics needed to ace your exams.