Review of Little Saigon

Haden McMorrough, Contributor

If you are ever in the greater Orlando area I personally recommend stopping by Little Saigon. This is a restaurant in Orlando’s Mills 50 neighborhood that I personally recommend if you ever find yourself in the downtown area and are searching for something to eat. An authentic Vietnamese market and a milk tea cafe, which are not actually owned by the Little Saigon company, are both accessible in the parking lot where it is located. 


You are blessed by a breathtaking ambiance as soon as you enter the restaurant. The massive fish tank full of a vast range of aquatic animals is to your right. As you approach the front area, knowing how many people will be dining today, a restaurant service member will approach you and advise you to take any seat available. The restaurant is separated into two sections. The main room has conventional seating in one section, while in the other, you can see the chefs making the food.


With more than 92 dishes, the menu is very extensive. The number 42 meal, which is chicken and onion over rice, is the meal I get the most often. Although it appears fairly simple, they add a really flavorful oil-based sauce that is hard to stop eating. At Little Saigon, the appetizers are also really good. The starter of fried spring rolls is really delicious; they have a flavor that is very similar to that of McDonald’s chicken nuggets but is so much tastier and fresher.


I rate this restaurant a 9 out of 10 overall because reasons of the food, service, and location. Due to its location, which might be in a much better place, it loses one point. Yelp has given this restaurant 4.4 stars, which is really impressive, especially for an inexpensive casual dining establishment. In the wider Orlando area, this restaurant is a hidden gem, and I heartily recommend going there.