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Featured above are some famous Halloween costumes!

Laura Guske, Reporter

The air is getting cooler, the breeze is strengthening, leaves are turning brown, and pumpkin spice is all around. Halloween is just around the corner! This alamo means that you are probably scrambling to get a costume. Or maybe you’re struggling to find a costume or idea to dress up as? Or where to get one? If you order it, will it even be delivered on time? No need to worry! Seminole High School (SHS) students have some ideas for you. They are easy, fun, creative, and will make you feel like the star of the party!


SHS junior, Blue Williams, is dressing up as Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson, for Halloween. 


“I have the hellfire shirt from Walmart, so I’m just putting together a bunch of stuff in my closet like a leather jacket and jeans,” says Williams. 


Williams shows how easy it can be to put together a costume for Halloween that is creative, fun, and shows off her love for the show Stranger Things. This costume, and other Stranger Things character inspired costumes are likely to be very popular this year because of the show’s huge new season release over the summer. If you don’t watch Stranger Things, no need to worry! Just pick a character from your favorite TV show. TV character costumes are a great way to inject one’s own personality and something they love into cosplay.


For anyone coupled up this Halloween, SHS sophomore Amelia Rodriguez has an idea for you. For Halloween Rodriguez is dressing up as a mermaid. 


Rodriguez shared that she got her “idea for the costume from pinterest and [her] boyfriend is going to be a sailor so it will be a couple costume.”


A sailor and mermaid is a creative way to match with your bae this Halloween! This makes dressing up all the more fun by matching with your special person.Though, if the sailor and mermaid don’t quite float your boat, there are many more couple ideas on pinterest such as little red riding hood and big bad wolf or tooth fairy and dentist.


SHS sophomore, Mckinley Germain, thinks “Mario is the best Halloween costume, everyone knows Mario, it’s easy, cheap, and you can make it fast.” 


Though Germain is not dressing up as Mario, she is dressing up as Daisy, a character from Mario. Germain is hand making her costume by sewing and putting together the pieces of fabric to make Daisy’s dress. Though not everyone may be as talented as Germain to hand make their own costumes, luckily Walmart has a Mario costume for only $14.98. Buying a last minute costume from Walmart can be a quick easy fix that does not have to cost you a fortune.


IB junior Eunice Stephens thinks “the best halloween costume would be something that can represent you in the way that you want to express yourself.” 

Some may even consider dressing up as a form of art due to the self expressive possibilities it holds. Many people could be dressed up as the same person, character, or thing, and all look completely different due to different styles of expression. However you see or want to express a certain person, character, or thing, do it your own way. 


“[For example,] characters from children’s TV shows can be really creative and they all have their own personalities,” says Stephens.


These Seminole students have some great ideas for this spooky season! Time may be running out but Halloween costumes are nothing that needs to be overthought. The point of Halloween is to dress up and have fun with friends! However you feel, you should dress up as, and want to express yourself.