Sharon Kim

Pictured above are students doing an activity in French Club, including Co-President Shahana Nizar.

Roshan Uy, Reporter

French Club at Seminole High School (SHS) is a cultural activity club for students who are interested in learning more about French culture. It is a platform for students to come together, participate in fun activities related to French culture, and appreciate the diverse French lifestyle.

Shahana Nizar, a senior in the IB program and the President of French Club, shared: “French Club is essentially a club for all students at Seminole to enjoy learning more about French and Francophone culture. We do fun activities related to French culture, events, and games. Currently we have about 11 permanent members, but we are open to more members since this year we do not have a fee for the club members. Therefore, anyone is free to join the club even if they missed the first meeting!”

The club was created many years ago, although the exact year of its creation is not recorded. NIzar states: “Currently I would consider French Club as a [new] club, but I believe it has existed for a very long time. I’m not sure for exactly how long, since no one has recorded the year it was created, but we have record[s] of its existence since 2018.” 

When asked about her experiences in the club, Nizar mentions that this is her first year in the club. She shares: “This is my first year in the club itself, although I was aware of its existence back in 2019, when I was a freshman. Although I planned to join the club in sophomore and junior year, the club was closed down after Covid-19, and it was only reopened [at the] beginning of this semester. My position is the president of the club, which was established last year by my French teacher.”

Undoubtedly, holding a high office for a club is a fulfilling duty. In Nizar’s case, the most fulfilling part of French Club is the members’ enthusiasm. She states: “At first I was worried if the club would not be able gain any members at all, due to its lack of publicity and a lack [of] students at this school who would preferably learn about French culture. However, our first meeting . . . did garner many more students than I expected.” 

Ivan Wong, another senior in the IB program and a co-president of French Club, shared that the club is not just about learning French but also about learning and appreciating the vast French culture. He states: “[French Club is for anyone who is] interested in French come together to learn more about the difference in the culture. It is to further expand the knowledge of places across the world.” 

The requirements to join French Club are minimal, as there are absolutely no requirements other than being a student interested in French culture. ​​”One does not even need to know French; the focus is more on the culture than the language,” Wong suggests. 

It is open to all SHS students who are interested in participating in fun activities related to French culture.

In French Club, activities make an attempt on recreating the French lifestyle. Every meeting, members enjoy French cuisine brought by the members and do fun activities that simulate French culture. 

“The benefits to joining French club [are] the food, the friends, the culture, and the fun,” Wong says. “Earlier this year, we brought with us macarons for the members, and we also painted art relating to French festivities.”

Without a doubt, French Club is a great after-school activity for students who want to learn about French culture. It is open to all SHS students who are interested in participating in fun activities related to French culture, even those who have never taken French class. With currently about 11 members, French Club is still looking for members who would be interested in joining in the fun.